5 Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Founded in 1992, and still the largest broadcaster in the world. The iPlayer is the internet television and radio service of BBC, it is mainly aimed to let UK users to catch-up with the last 7 days program although it’s also possible to watch or listened live broadcasts on it. The largest broadcaster in the world media thanks to the fact that much of its funding comes from a license fee that all UK television owners has to pay. This allows broadcasting advertisement free programming and also tied to purely commercial considerations. It has built the image of broadcasting high quality television and radio programs.

The iPlayer is the most popular internet media streaming service around, for UK residents the service is absolutely free. Although BBC Radio shows are free of cost and available everywhere in the world through iPlayer. The television service is completely only available for those who have UK IP address.

Best VPN For BBC iPlayer


Its mean that international fans of BBC can access the iPlayer for free by spoofing their IP address for originate of UK. There are number of ways of doing this. Whereas, VPN remains by far the most famous among other resources due to its easy to use and the fact that its usage is not only for one purpose such as internet anonymity, P2P and public WiFi security.

There are many VPNs provider in the market which are offering acess to the iPlayer through UK based VPN servers in which mist of them will perform their job efficiently. One important thing while having VPN for iPlayer is to be aware of is that providers who are actually based in UK should be avoided by those concerned by privacy as they are not only required to log all users internet activity.

The TV streaming is available in 2 flavors: Standard which requires a connection speed of almost 1.5 Mb/s and HD needs almost 3.5 Mb/s. At peak UK viewing times the service can get extremely busy, and even here in the UK with a 10Mb/s connection streaming the service direct i.e. not through a VPN, user occasionally experience bad buffering problems.

To take care of these issues we had sorted out the list of 5 top best VPN for iPlayer for your ease, below you can see them and can make your choice. Do try them and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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  1. Hi
    The BBC is trying hard to block VPN connections. Both PPTP and L2TP seem to be blocked on all servers with StrongVPN. SSTP still seem to get through.
    How about an update to your article identifying not just the best VPN but the best protocol?

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