Anonymous VPN: Keep your information anonymous

VPN allows you to surf the web anonymously and protect your privacy. Everyone has the right to privacy in today’s pro-surveillance environment. Many anonymous VPN claims to offer anonymity, but very few are able to offer complete anonymity.

Either because of moral grounds, or they are required by law to keep track of their customers. That’s why, by handing over your information to authorities or third-party agencies, many VPN services destroys the concept of anonymity.

However, a reliable anonymous VPN service and “ideally” headquartered outside the U.S. and the U.K. jurisdiction provides complete anonymity and ensure your privacy.

Anonymize everything you do with anonymous VPN

VPN anonymize your web traffic by using the following features.

Encrypt all your internet traffic

With VPN, anonymous web browsing is easy, it encrypts all your internet traffic with 256-bit AES bank level encryption. So, government and hackers can’t tap into everything you do online.

Hide your IP address and disappear online

By connecting to a VPN server, it disguises your location with the fake one so that you can surf anonymously. It prevents ad-agencies from tracking you, and foil companies from charging different prices.

Anonymous Web Browsing on Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and more

You can protect your web-browser from a comprehensive guide to set up VPN on WindowsAndroidiPhone, and Mac.

Keep your information anonymous

Without VPN, ISPs, third-party agencies, and hackers can see your web traffic. Your ISPs can monitor your internet activities and share it with agencies and third-parties. The government can restrict your internet access, and websites can charge different prices.

Anonymous VPN takes your privacy seriously

A good and reliable VPN takes your privacy seriously, at its core, it should provide these three basic features.

Browse with Privacy

Anonymous VPN never logs your internet traffic. Therefore, ISPs, government agencies, and third-parties can not keep your track records and timestamps, so that you can surf the internet privately and without worry.

Pay anonymously

When you pay via BitPay or BitCoin, you will only have to provide your email address, so that you can stay completely anonymous. It is the best method if you are concerned about your online privacy and credit card information

Blocks Spies

Anonymous VPN does not keep logs or share it with agencies like the NSA, there’s no possibility of personal information leak or breaching on your encrypted connection.

Anonymous browsing limitations

The dilemma of the internet is “connection loss,” every service or digital product at some point lose connection for various reasons. So does a VPN, when a VPN connection is lost it reconnects you from your home IP address which exposes your privacy to the ISPs and hackers.

To protect you, anonymous VPN comes with a Kill Switch feature which safeguards your privacy and halts all your internet traffic upon connection loss, until a successful VPN connection re-establishes.