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5 Best VPN For Torrenting P2P Filesharing | Perfect For Anonymous Downloads

For a long time period, the copyright holders are against torrenting with a viewpoint that the torrent websites contain copyright material and this causes the loss. For this reason, a massive chunk of torrenters also become a victim of such actions against copyright infringement. However, it is not necessary that all the torrent files are

Best Cheap VPN 2018 With High End Privacy & Security

Whether it is a household gadget, machinery or anything else, you always look for the lowest rate with the best quality. That’s what we have purposed here in this article. The best cheap VPN service doesn’t mean that you will just get a low priced VPN but you will also have utmost privacy and distinctive

5 Best Most Secure Browsers For Your Devices

Internet surfing is immensely increasing particularly from a couple of years. With the emergence of such a huge content, people are more curious towards indulging themselves with the most popular ones. Unfortunately, laws such as Investigatory Power Act have introduced some serious threats to user’s privacy which that could be evaded through some best &

Best VPN For iPhone – 5 Best VPN Apps For IOS *2017*

iPhone is the sole competitor to Android platform and has its sheer percentage of the market. It has a sleek design, simple and easy-to-understand interface, sophisticated and robust iOS with strong security suites. However, nothing is perfect in this world; the security keeps on improving but will always be exposed to vulnerabilities, especially iPhone, as

Best VPN For Android – Android VPN Apps Setup Guide *MAR 2017*

Cybercriminals Extra attention on Android When you are enjoying coffee sitting in a coffee house and using a public Wi-Fi network on your handy Android smartphone or tablet. But you may be tensed that is this open source connection safe for your handset? Usually, Android is considered as the most vulnerable and ill-protected device because