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Best Cheap VPN Service Providers – Low Price High Security *April 2017*

tWhen we heard the word “Cheap” think that it must be a low-quality product or services. In addition, tens of Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers spawning up each coming day, so it is essential for you to know the accompanying terms of service thoroughly, especially when it’s a cheap VPN service. When you are

5 Best VPN For Torrenting P2P Filesharing – Anonymous And Fastest VPN

In the increase of online piracy on a massive scale, copyright holders have become active on the web to stop copyrights infringement carried out by torrent and P2P file sharing users. In Poland alone, thousands of computers were seized from suspects of copyrights infringement over torrent. Therefore, using a VPN for anonymous Torrenting has become a necessity for P2P

Kickass Torrents Shutdown, Get the Top Alternatives of KAT 2017

The news of Kickass Torrents shutdown after the arrest of the owner of KAT Artem Vaulin in Ukraine shocked millions of  KAT users and raised an unpredictable panic among all the Torrent users and Torrent community at large. This unfortunate incident created the urge for all the Torrent lovers to find another options to resume

Why can’t you Access many Websites in the UAE?

There many websites that have no access permission from the UAE. These websites are included Israeli domains, politically sensitive content, different VoIP services, different parts of Wikipedia, many social networking sites and Skype. You can’t get the access of thesewebsites because the government of UAE think that they need to filter some websites before final

5 Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Founded in 1992, and still the largest broadcaster in the world. The iPlayer is the internet television and radio service of BBC, it is mainly aimed to let UK users to catch-up with the last 7 days program although it’s also possible to watch or listened live broadcasts on it. The largest broadcaster in the