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5 Best Most Secure Browsers For Your Devices

Internet surfing is immensely increasing particularly from a couple of years. With the emergence of such a huge content, people are more curious towards indulging themselves with the most popular ones. Unfortunately, laws such as Investigatory Power Act have introduced some serious threats to user’s privacy which that could be evaded through some best &

Best Cheap VPN 2018 With High End Privacy & Security

Whether it is a household gadget, machinery or anything else, you always look for the lowest rate with the best quality. That’s what we have purposed here in this article. The best cheap VPN service doesn’t mean that you will just get a low priced VPN but you will also have utmost privacy and distinctive

Best VPN Apps For Android Devices 2018 Updated

Android is the most popular smartphone all around the world and that’s what makes it most vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s an attraction to most hackers and cybercriminals because of the personal data an individual usually carry in a smartphone. Therefore, rather disbelieve the easy usage of the Android phone, the users are moving towards

Why can’t you Access many Websites in the UAE?

There many websites that have no access permission from the UAE. These websites are included Israeli domains, politically sensitive content, different VoIP services, different parts of Wikipedia, many social networking sites and Skype. You can’t get the access of thesewebsites because the government of UAE think that they need to filter some websites before final

Best VPNs for Skype 2018

It was 2003 when Skype was released by Hoover and made telephone calls easy by giving internet telephony with the phrase “will Skype you”. This fame was outstanding due to to mostly free calls, video conference and messaging to anyone, anywhere around the world with internet connection. Its popularity is not difficult to realize as