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Streaming Pirated Sites Vanishes From Google Searches

Several famous movies streaming pirate sites have entirely disappeared from Google’s search index. The list includes variants and streaming portal websites Fmovies and 123movies which have millions of users. Also, the famous Youtube-MP3 has also been taken down from Google’s search results. For years various copyright holder groups have been trying to limit piracy on

Rule 41 Gives Powers To FBI To Hack Into Any Computer

In April, the US Supreme Court proposed a rule change to a procedural rule known as Rule 41. The rule change would allow judges to issue warrants to law enforcement agencies to hack into computers anywhere, even if the investigation is outside their jurisdictions regardless of people who are not the suspect. The amended Rule

UK’s Digital Economy Bill Can Jail Pirates On ‘Reasons’

The Digital Economy Bill could send a copyright infringer for up to 10 years in jail time. How will the bill affect file-sharers? We take a look at the latest bill. At House of Commons, this week, the Parliament members debated the Report stage and Third reading of the Digital Economy Bill. The bill has

‘Investigatory Powers Act,’ Extreme Surveillance Law In UK History

United Kingdom – House of Lords has passed a highly-intrusive and debated Investigatory Powers Bill which will come into effect within few weeks after the assent of the Queen to be known as Investigatory Powers Act 2016. It seems UK has joined Russia and China in legalizing mass surveillance. The Bill will give British government

Mark Zuckerberg is now on ‘hacked-spree.’

It is now the third time of the year; Mark Zuckerberg has had one of his social media accounts hacked. The group ‘OurMine’ are now claiming to take the credit once again. In June Mark Zuckerberg had his Pinterest and Twitter accounts hacked, which appeared to be the consequences of poor security decisions – re-using