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VPN Virtual Router [Setup Guide]

Some VPN services allow connectivity only to limited devices and rest of devices remain unprotected. However, you can elevate such limitation by setting up a VPN virtual router in Windows operating system. To setup your Windows OS to work as VPN virtual router to further connect more devices, follow these steps. 1. Check VPN virtual

How To Check IP Leak? And How To Stop It?

Unique IP address is the identity of users connecting to the internet. Every user is identified by an IP address assigned to him by his internet service provider. Your IP addresses reveal your true location which makes it easier for ISPs and other entities to track you, and IP leak make it further easy to

VPN Tunnel – What It Is And Why Do You Need It?

While reading content after content, you must be wondering, OK I know what a VPN is, but what is a VPN tunnel!? Is this just another VPN? Why should I even be concerned? Is it a necessity? And some similar sorts of questions might come in your mind. This article will describe VPN tunnel, why

Germans’ Privacy Can Be ‘Accidentally’ Intercepted, Stipulates Surveillance Law

The German Parliament passed a controversial surveillance law that not only gives more power to the BND intelligence agency but also a serious threat to the privacy rights of German citizens. Last week on Friday, the German parliament approved to what considered as a ‘controversial espionage law’ that theoretically will strengthen the oversight of BND

China Increases Censorship And State Control By Passing ‘Abusive’ Cybersecurity Law

On Monday, China adopted yet another controversial cybersecurity law to counter Beijing’s concerns about growing threats such terrorism and hacking, but the law triggered concerns among international stakeholder businesses and right groups. The controversial legislation – passed by China’s parliament and is set to come into effect from June 2017 – is an ‘objective need’