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An Extensive Guide To IP Leak

While using a VPN, our primary purpose is to hide our real IP address to stay private and anonymous on the internet. VPN does so by encrypting your internet traffic passing to-and-forth between VPN servers and your device. VPN servers hide and assign you a cloaking IP address that is shown to the observers instead

What Is NAT Firewall? What Does It Do? Do I Need One?

It is now common for VPN providers to offer NAT firewall feature either as a built-in or separate paid service. But what does it mean by NAT Firewall and why do you need one? If you are connected to the internet you’re probably using a NAT Firewall function right now. What is NAT? What Does

Cisco’s New System To Shut Down Illicit Streaming Automatically

Cisco has announced that it has developed a mechanism to track down and disable live pirate streaming of copyrighted material. Cisco calling it as “Streaming Piracy Prevention” system will use a forensic watermarking feature to disable real-time streaming without the need to send notices or seek the cooperation of third-parties. While Torrenting that remains the

KickassTorrents – torrents are not copyrighted material says defense

The defense of alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin has filed a motion to the Federal Court in Chicago, Illinois to dismiss the case. Vaulin has strong claims that the torrent files are not the copyrighted content themselves. Because under civil copyright law, a person who does not directly distribute or use copyrighted material, but helps

Australia Data Retention Law – Australia collects more metadata than the U.S.

“The part of Government that should be most concerned with the rule of law seems to be trying to sidestep what the law actually says.” – expert says Federal Government Departments – that are not authorized (as “law enforcements”) to access the metadata of Australian citizens – have attempted to circumvent the restrictions of Data