Best Australia VPN – Evade Geo-Graphical Restriction With 100% Anonymity

Australia has made the Data Retention Law legal on October 14th, 2015, for two years and according to that law all online activities of internet users throughout the Australia will be recorded and Australian government compelled all the ISPs of the country to keep logs of all of the users online activities and if found anyone violating the clauses of the law, immediate legal notices to be sent. This frustrating situation trigger annoyance and disappointment among all the Australian internet users, this law was basically implemented to cut down the use of Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites but it took a drastic turn when it hits all the internet users in Australia with Data Retention for two years which was simply unacceptable for the Australians and they opt for the smartest solution for it and that is an Australia VPN.

So we have enlisted best VPN for Australia here which provides a protective shield from the Data Retention law and keep your online data safe and away from all the snoopers and privacy invaders and additionally gives you high-end cyber security from the threats and safe and secure access to all your favorite content from all around the globe.

5 Best VPN for Australia 2016


Data Retention Laws or Privacy Invasion

Before this Data Retention law was implemented Australian internet users were enjoying a restriction free internet and when this law was announced by the government it disturbed many internet users as no one was accepting the fact of privacy intrusion by their own government and for a long period of two years.Basically, it was implemented to keep an eye on those who try to access torrenting and P2P file sharing websites after the Australian government banned these websites so monitoring was necessary.

Australia is also an active member of the internet spying agency Five Eyes, according to which information based on users’ online activities can be shared among the member countries. Australian government is getting stricter about its internet policies and as a result making internet in Australia more precise and ruining concept of internet freedom and that is not enough, it also sabotaged the users’ privacy over the internet and now keeping logs of all users’ online activities which was disliked by all the Australian internet users and they completely believe it as an act of individual privacy-killing and that was the time when an Australia VPN was demanded and used by most of the internet users in Australia to get rid of the privacy intrusion of their own government and ISPs.

6 Factors: Why You Need To Use Best Australia VPN

There are numerous advantages of using an Australia VPN service and it impossible to write down all of it but some main perks and benefits are elaborated below for the better understanding of how beneficial an Australia VPN is for you;

1 Goodbye to Data Retention

The best way to escape from the Data Retention law and stop the snoopers to snoop out your online activities and keep a log of it is to use the best VPN for Australia which builds an encrypted tunnel bypassing your ISP server and connect you directly to the website you want to access by channelizing all your internet data through this encrypted private tunnel which keeps you safe and away from the privacy intrusion and all your internet data that is sent of received by you remain encrypted and if ever intercepted would turn out to be in an unreadable trash which enhances your privacy protection to it maximum level and say goodbye to the Data Retention forever.

2 High-level Security for Combat all Cyber Threats

the Internet these days is bulked with several kinds of cyber threats and attackers are always hungry for their prey to be hunted by the help of any security loophole in their devices or system, but when you use a VPN Australia it provides you absolute cyber security and protect you from all kinds of hackers and spammers over the internet by making you invisible on the network with its high level of security encryption mechanism and provides you ultimate camouflage by changing your real IP address to any other fake IP address which makes you truly untraceable over the internet and keep all the cyber-attackers at a distance from you.

3 Unbeatable Encryption and Privacy Shelter

When you surf the internet in Australia now all the websites you visit and everything you do online is saved in the logs kept by the ISPs for your data recording and monitoring they do it with the help of your IP address known to them, by using the VPN Australia your IP address is changed to any other country’s IP address and this way your ISP can’t recognize you over the network. It also creates a separate and encrypted tunnel and route all your internet data packets through this secure tunnel to bypass your ISPs interference and this the supreme mechanism of providing you the unbeatable encryption and privacy shelter to keep all the spying and prying eyes away from your and give you the freedom to enjoy internet with complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

4 Access all Foreign Content with Best VPN for Australia

We all love all the top British and American content that is available over the internet in Australia too people are crazy about it but unfortunately, the US and UK content are not available or either available with thelimited library in Australia due to content licensing and geo-restriction policies. All the top-level web streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer, Amazon, 4oD etc. are either unavailable or available with limited library in Australia and only the best VPN Australia gives you the power to access all these top ranked US and UK channels and websites  and you can enjoy thousands of programs from the huge and largest library of Netflix US which includes movies, videos, song albums, kids’ shows, documentaries, TV serials etc. by choosing the US or UK server from the list of servers of our recommended Australian VPN service.

5 Torrenting Made Anonymous with an Australia VPN

Millions of people from all around the world are big fan of downloading and uploading via Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites but unfortunately due to this huge figures or users connecting to torrent websites media and production groups in Australia has demanded strict actions against these websites which was heard after some years by the Australian government and they banned all the Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites which was a huge disappointment for all the Torrent lovers and addicts all over Australia, but our VPN Australia has many strong servers which allow BitTorrent traffic and provides you absolutely anonymous access to all the top Torrenting and P2P file sharing websites with super-fast downloading and uploading speed with the high-level security.

6 Bypass all Censorships on Australian Internet

For so many years Australian government was considering a bill to be passed by the Australian parliament to put censorship over the internet in Australia but due to some reasons it remained in its draft form but along with the data retention law the ‘Australian Communication and Media Authority Act’ was also implemented with the ‘internet censorship filtering’ which affected many websites to be blocked and completely shut down. The only safest way to unblock all these websites is to use the best Australia VPN which allows you safe and secure access to all the censored content over Australian internet.

How Australia VPN Works?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a smart tool of tunneling the internet data through separate and private encrypted tunnel which allows you to browse the internet absolutely with full privacy and keep all the snooping bodies away from your network. It also gives you the freedom to bypass all kinds of geo-restrictions, censorship and bans over the Australian internet and gives you a secure access to all the content you want to access from any region of the world by the IP changing mechanism in which you can choose a server country from the list and get connected to that country’s server and access all its exclusive and valuable content with flawless privacy and security shelter of the best VPN Australia.

Get your Australia VPN Now

Now you are fully aware of the alluring benefits of using the best VPN for Australia you must end your search and get one Australian VPN for you to avail all these benefits you just have to follow these following steps to get one;

STEP 1 Scroll the page above and choose one VPN from the given table, click on the link to go to its website.

STEP 2 Sing up for the VPN and install the required app according to your device.

STEP 3 Sign into the app by entering the credential emailed to you by the provider.

STEP 4 When you are done with the sign in you need to choose a server from the list choose one as per your need and then you are all set to avail all the discussed amazing benefits of an Australian VPN.

Final Words:

There is no doubt in the fact that Australia is getting more serious and rigid about its internet policies just like other major developed countries due to security issues and other copyrights and piracy protection laws and we can predict these Data Retention laws and censorship laws are going only to be stricter and in the upcoming years. This is a point of serious concern for all the internet users in Australia as the level of privacy intrusion would be increased with the enhancement in such Data Retention and other privacy intruding laws.

Many civil activists and other social groups in Australia are actively recording their protest against such acts by the government and demanding to lift such laws as they seriously consider it as a murder of all the internet users privacy, but it seems that the Australian government is not yet ready to put their ears on any kind of such demands by the public as they are pressurized and funded by the media giants and production lobbied who have been forcing the Australian government to ban and block all the piracy promoting websites and data retention is a way to monitor the block remain smooth over the Australian internet and that is why all the ISPs are compelled to keep user’s log so they can limit them any accessing any banned and blocked websites.

So the best solution for such complex and annoying situation is to use a smart tool and get rid of it forever and that is to get the Best Australia VPN which we have selected for you here after a complete research through test and trials and user’s feedback and then enlisted for you here so pick one for you and stay safe secure and always connected. ENJOY!