Best Logless VPN Services in 2018

Did it ever happen to search for a certain product using Google, and then see offers of the same product on every online ad you see? If this was the moment you realized your online privacy is close to none, you should know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, data collection is the very backbone of the Internet and every site we visit, every app we use, collects data like the device used, browser, location, time and date. All these are processed and stored so companies could learn about our online behavior.

However, the ball doesn’t stop here! Governmental agencies and hackers are the bigger threats to our private online lives. Nowadays, people are slowly seeing behind this façade and that’s why, the request for VPN services has increased. Still, being protected by a VPN service doesn’t mean you are completely anonymous. As we mentioned a bit earlier, data collection is the main process that keeps the Internet together.

5 Best Logless VPN Service Provider For 2018


A VPN service must collect your computer’s information and yours (as a user), to create the encrypted tunnel. This means that the VPN provider can see and register your every move while using the service. That doesn’t sound like you gained much, right? Well, to sweeten the deal, VPN companies promise not to keep their traffic logs permanently. They use the logs temporarily and then destroy them. This way, no one will be able to check your activities online or make the connection with you, as a person.

The best logless VPN services are the ones that have their clients’ interest in mind before anything else. If there are no logs, regardless of the laws or who comes asking for data, the VPN provider won’t be able to comply. The requested information doesn’t exist anymore and you simply can’t give something that doesn’t exist.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most popular providers of best logless VPN services and why you should double check the offer.

Double check every promise

To attract more customers, every VPN provider prints with large letters the “We don’t keep logs” sentence on their site. However, with small, crooked letters, many add an exception note, mentioning that there are situations when logs are kept.

The best way to make sure you are submitting for one of the best logless VPN services on the market, is to read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use carefully. If they mention that certain logs are kept, don’t count on their discretion – if the law asks them, they will hand them over!

How do you know who to trust?

Choosing the best logless VPN is actually a matter of trust. That’s why it is recommended to do a bit of research before submitting for their services. Read what other customers say about them and learn about their position when things become heated.

The trust in this case goes both ways: the provider must trust its customers that they will not break the law using its services. On the other hand, the customers will trust the provider not to keep any logs. If the word goes out that a provider lied about keeping logs, its entire business could fall in a matter of hours.

However, you should know that even with the best logless VPN services, the provider will do some real-time tracking. This is necessary for troubleshooting or identifying individuals who break the law and use their newly gained privacy for unspeakable things. Any VPN provider will collaborate with law enforcement officers to catch criminals.

So, if the business has a good historic and users don’t complain about their privacy, then you can consider this provider as being trustworthy.

Extra safety measures

You might think that the no logs policy should be enough to keep you safe and anonymous, but there is another feature to consider: shared IPs. When choosing the best logless VPN services, make sure the provider supports shared IP addresses. This way, more than one users access the same IP address, making it impossible to know who accessed what without logs.

Another thing to take into account is the country where the VPN company is based. If the company is based in USA or Europe, they are forced by law to keep logs for a certain amount of time (usually years). So, even if they claim that no logs are kept, as long as the law of the country asks for it, that provider will definitely track your activity.

The best logless VPN services do keep logs

As we mentioned earlier, data collection is the backbone of the Internet. That’s why, every site owner, ISP or search engine company will keep a series of logs that allows them to do their job and keep their activity running smoothly.

The same is whith VPNs. Even the best of the best logless VPN services will keep logs, but these won’t affect your privacy or anonymity. The logs that you should care about are called usage logs and record everything a user does online. However, there are other types of logs that must be stored, like:

  1. Logs that record your connection time – these register the time you logged in, for how long, and how often you connect to the VPN server. These are usually kept to prevent abuse and technical issues.
  2. Logs that help improve the network – VPN providers are interested in the type of machine and software used to access their servers. This way, the communication will be better and smoother.

In conclusion

We do have a chance at online privacy, but we also have to understand it correctly. Using one of the best logless VPN services will grant you the right to keep your online browsing private and anonymous, as long as you don’t break the law.

Actually, not keeping logs, allows VPN companies to focus on client experience and invest in improving their software and hardware solutions. Log keeping is an expensive activity as it requires extra servers that don’t produce any money and consume lots of resources. That’s why, when a trustworthy company says they don’t keep logs, you can believe them.