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5 Best VPN For Torrenting P2P Filesharing | Perfect For Anonymous Downloads

For a long time period, the copyright holders are against torrenting with a viewpoint that the torrent websites contain copyright material and this causes the loss. For this reason, a massive chunk of torrenters also become a victim of such actions against copyright infringement. However, it is not necessary that all the torrent files are illegal.

Unfortunately, you could barely avoid such hassles especially when you are living in a country with strict torrenting laws. For instance, thousands of computers were seized for the allegations of copyright infringement in Poland. Also, the US government has passed such laws which provide more authority to the ISPs to sell user data to third parties or to prioritize internet content.

Therefore, most of the torrent users are questing for Best VPN for torrenting to anonymize their activities. But there are a couple of important factors you must consider before going for a VPN for torrenting.

Best VPN For Torrenting and Fastest Anonymous Torrenting


What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a process through which users can easily share and download files from the torrent websites.

Anyone can upload a file that is available for all the internet users for downloading. Unlike the regular downloading process torrent files downloads in bits and pieces and to arrange these randomly downloading parts, you need a torrent client.

Whenever you start downloading a file, you get into the swarm of torrenter who are downloading the same file. All the people in this swarm are uploading and downloading the file at the same time and that’s because the part one person has downloaded is then uploading to another one by that torrenter.

Therefore, a network is established which has certain benefits;

  • The downloading process becomes much faster as the load is divided among different PCs instead of a centralized server.
  • You don’t have to start the downloading process from the initial point if a problem occurs while torrent downloading.

Threats While Torrenting Without VPN

Most of the internet users are aware of the risks that are coupled with the torrenting process. Yet, their concerns are usually regarding the legal implications by authorities to this process.

But, to better address the threats and for accurate prevention you should know the potential threats which at times are more vulnerable for your privacy. For instance, it’s not necessary that the torrent you are downloading is illegal or is copyright material in your region but with legitimate file your identity could be exposed if you are not using something like VPN.

ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is simply a process of slowing down the internet speed by the internet provider. When you are torrenting, your identity is fully exposed to the internet provider as well as to other users who are in the torrent swarm of that particular file you are downloading.

The identity exposure could be a cause of ISP throttling because an internet provider is always looking to save the bandwidth. Torrenting takes up a huge amount of data which may take you to experience slow downloading or extreme hassles of speeds and to restrict such things, ISP may also impose a bandwidth limit to the certain torrent website.

Unmasked Identity and Disclosed Activity

Your internet provider is already capable of looking into the internet browsing activities of their customers if their network is unencrypted. However, when you are torrenting, a huge number of people can observe your IP address and location. Unfortunately, the torrent websites or clients could also be used by the hackers and snoopers to intervene your privacy.

Yet, the internet provider could also sell your data to third parties for various reasons and the fact is that nobody wants to disclose their personal executions even if they are downloading legal content.

Vulnerability Risk

The torrent files are uploaded by people all around the world and there is no check for their identity authentication. These unknown sources could prove risky for your privacy as a hacker might use malicious torrent files to trap internet users.

However, there is no way to authenticate the legitimacy of a file; the torrent website’s comment section could be a minor source.

Is Your Torrent VPN Credible?

VPN is a tool that provides you privacy through encrypting your internet traffic. However, among all the internet users, the torrenters are most concerned about their privacy and data leak. Therefore, one of the main purposes to use VPN is torrenting and unfortunately, just a few providers are efficient while downloading torrents.

For torrenting, the speed is a necessity because huge files impose a load and just the speed efficient VPN providers could give you hassle-free downloading. Yet, the more important thing is privacy for which you may remain calm with a VPN connection but that’s not an intelligent approach. While connected to a VPN, a torrent client could be leaking your real IP if the service isn’t working properly or it might be possible that a client forgets to configure client properly (extra ticks on checkboxes or to disable features such as DHT and PEX).

Torrent IP leak happens when the torrent traffic passes unencrypted and reveals your real information. Therefore, you should always prefer to check the credibility and efficiency of your VPN if not regularly then at least at the time of buying a VPN.

You might be thinking that how could you check a VPN performance before buying it but there is a way. All the reputable VPN services provide a relief of free trial and you could benefit from this opportunity.

Mandatory Factors to Look Into Best VPN For Torrenting

When looking for the torrent VPN, you must consider certain factors that are required for hassle-free and smooth torrenting experience. Torrent has been a beneficial and comparatively a bit demanding process as compared to regular internet activities. This is because the torrent files are mostly heavy and they require a large amount of data while downloading.

  • Privacy is the foremost thing any VPN user might want and that’s what makes VPN popular for the torrenting
  • No-Log Policy should be clear by a VPN provider that ensures you about the anonymity and privacy rules. No-log means that the VPN itself also has no records of your data or internet activities.
  • Speed Performance is also one of the most important factors as the downloading process may impact the speed and if you already bear a slow internet speed than you may face extreme annoyance while torrenting.
  • Bandwidth Limit shouldn’t be a feature of your Torrent VPN as this may restrict you to a certain data usage. However, torrenters may find it difficult as torrenting takes up large data amounts.

Therefore, you must have a VPN with some leading factors that could effectively lead you throughout the torrenting process.

Best VPN For Torrenting 2018

In order to determine which VPNs are best for Torrenting, we set the above-mentioned criteria to test and judge the VPN service. Torrent and P2P file sharing users require anonymity above all. Secondary but important factors are unlimited data bandwidth and faster speed. Considering these needs, we are going to test VPNs based on these factors.

“MostSecureVPN discourages piracy and requests users to download only legal torrents but also urges readers to use the best VPN for Torrenting to protect your identity over the torrent network.”

#1 ExpressVPN [Best VPN For Torrenting – Editor’s Choice]

ExpressVPN Torrent VPN

ExpressVPN service is based in British Virgin Islands (BVI) which has no data retention laws unlike the U.S. or European Union that makes it an ideal VPN for Torrenting users. The company has a policy not to monitor or log your Torrenting activities. ExpressVPN runs its private DNS which replaces your ISP’s DNS thus providing torrent users’ complete anonymity.

ExpressVPN has hundreds of servers in 94 countries, all enhanced for P2P file sharing and Torrenting. To stress the service for speed we took a step further and tested this BitTorrent VPN, and results were as follows:

ExpressVPN Speed Test

Without VPN With VPN
Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 34.50
Upload Speed 34.05 Mbps 32.04
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Response Time 27 ms 26 ms

Comments: Our speed test results were quite surprising as the service outperformed our initial expectations. One thing to mention here is that the VPN provides 256-bit AES data encryption by implementing security protocols: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN to encrypt your overall web traffic, so some margin of reduction in overall speed is acceptable.

We were able to do Torrenting on all servers but we will advice our readers not to do Torrenting on US/Canada/Australia/UK servers because of data retention laws in these countries. Moreover, the speed was varying on all servers. ExpressVPN took the first place in our best VPN for Torrenting recommendation. We have summarized advantages and disadvantages of ExpressVPN below:

Advantage Disadvantage
30-day money back guarantee Pricey for some
Excellent and Responsive Customer Service One account runs only 3 devices simultaneously*
Bitcoin payment support
No Log Policy
Servers in 87 Countries (99.9% uptime)
Internet Kill Switch (Network Lock)
P2P File Sharing Enhanced
Support For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux

*Use mobile hotspot to connect more devices at home or configure VPN on your home router.
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#2 NordVPN As Torrent VPN

NordVPN Torrenting VPN

NordVPN is based in Panama outside the jurisdiction of Five Eyes countries. Panama also has no data retention law which makes NordVPN as the second best VPN for Torrenting in terms of anonymity. NordVPN runs its private DNS servers and does not log any metadata or traffic coming from your device.

NordVPN has categorized its servers into P2P, Double VPN, Tor-over-VPN, Dedicated IP servers, and other standard servers spread over 847 server locations in 57 countries. All of the servers benefit the same unlimited bandwidth and uncapped speed. We put NordVPN to test, and the results are as follows:

NordVPN Speed Test

Without VPN With VPN
Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 32.51
Upload Speed 34.05 Mbps 28.40
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Response Time 27 ms 28 ms

Comments: We experienced a slight variation in the speed while Torrenting but response time wasn’t much affected. The results may vary depending on the server’s selection, as we used Double VPN to check the anonymity of this VPN. However, the speed was a little better on standard and P2P enhanced servers. The results were expected of such reduction because the VPN uses strong 2048-bit SSL encryption along with security protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Socks5 proxy, and the latest IKEv2.

Another notable feature – apart from Network Lock – we saw is Smart Play DNS which unblocks any streaming restriction such as Netflix and allowed buffer free experience. NordVPN took the second place in our best VPN for Torrenting recommendation. In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of this VPN torrent are listed below:

Advantage Disadvantage
30-day money back guarantee Slight reduction in speed due to Double VPN*
Excellent and Responsive Customer Service
Bitcoin payment support
No Log Policy
Servers in 57 Countries (99.9% uptime)
Internet Kill Switch (Network Lock)
P2P File Sharing Enhanced
DNS Leak Resolver
Double VPN (VPN-over-VPN)
Support For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux
One account can connect 6 devices simultaneously

*Shuffle around different servers to meet the best speed.
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#3 PureVPN As A Torrenting VPN

PureVPN Torrenting VPN

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and spread across 141 countries which make it the best VPN for Torrenting, in terms of innovation. Since PureVPN is outside the jurisdiction of Five Eyes countries, it also has strict NO LOG policy.

PureVPN has categorized its servers in standard and P2P enhanced, both of these categories benefit the uncapped speed and unlimited bandwidth. What sets apart this company from others is its add-on support especially Split Tunneling (i.e. separate traffic into VPN and non-VPN categories) and Virtual Router (i.e. the VPN client act as a Virtual Router to connect more wireless devices). We put this Torrent VPN on our stress test, and the results are as follows:

PureVPN Speed Test

Without VPN With VPN
Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 30.40
Upload Speed 34.05 Mbps 28.50
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Response Time 27 ms 30 ms

Comments: Although the company provides 256-bit AES strong encryption and security protocols including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and the latest IKEv2, the results were above average but not much enticing especially for Torrenting and P2P file sharing where speed is necessary for downloading torrents. However, for a regular VPN user with occasional torrent use, the service outperforms most of the VPN available in the market. PureVPN took the third place in our best VPN for Torrenting recommendation. To summarize the advantages and disadvantages of PureVPN:

Advantage Disadvantage
One account can connect 5 devices simultaneously 7-day money back guarantee
Excellent and Responsive Customer Service Above average speed*
Bitcoin payment support
No Log Policy
Servers in 141 Countries (99.9% uptime)
Internet Kill Switch (Network Lock)
P2P File Sharing Enhanced
Add-ons support: Split Tunneling & Virtual Router
Support For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux

*Try shuffling around servers to get the best speed possible.
Get PureVPN Now!

#4 PIA VPN For Torrenting

Torrenting VPN Private Internet Access

PIA VPN is the second most used VPN service among casual VPN users. The company has a strict NO LOG policy and does not keep records of your internet activities but on the other hand, it is based in the US which has Stored Communication Act which binds companies to store metadata.

All of the PIA VPN servers are P2P enhanced which means you’ll get the benefit of uncapped speed and unlimited bandwidth on all servers. The service also offers a sophisticated built-in adblocker which blocks most of the ads on the web. We put this BitTorrent VPN to the test, and the results are as follows:

PIA VPN For Torrenting Speed Tests

Without VPN With VPN
Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 29.20
Upload Speed 34.05 Mbps 27.70
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Response Time 27 ms 31 ms

Comments: We found the results to be average and the response time was quite high. The results varied upon shuffling from the whopping 3284+ servers, so we averaged the speed. Knowing the company offers 256-bit AES encryption with security protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and Socks5 proxy, the results were as expected. The VPN did anonymize our online identity, but we weren’t satisfied with the downloading speed over torrent. PIA VPN torrent took the fourth place in our best VPN for Torrenting recommendation. PIA VPN advantages and disadvantages, in summary, are as follows:

Advantage Disadvantage
One account can connect 5 devices simultaneously 7-day money back guarantee
Above Average Customer Service Average speed*
Bitcoin payment support Headquarter is in the U.S.
No Log Policy
Servers in 24 Countries
Internet Kill Switch (Network Lock)
P2P File Sharing Enhanced
Built-in Ad Blocker
Support For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux

*Try shuffling between the servers to get the best speed possible.
Get PIA VPN Now!

#5 Ivacy VPN Torrenting

Ivacy VPN Torrenting

Ivacy VPN is popular for its extremely low prices and competitive service. Ivacy VPN is based in Hong Kong which makes it an ideal choice for Torrenting, as the company has a strict zero-log policy and does not record your internet and torrenting activities.

Ivacy VPN has P2P servers in 50+ countries enhanced for unlimited bandwidth and speed. If you are short on budget and looking for features like ‘Split Tunneling’ and ‘Network Lock’ then this VPN will not disappoint you. We also put this Torrent VPN to the test, and the results are as follows:

Ivacy VPN torrent Speed Test

Without VPN With VPN
Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 27.20
Upload Speed 34.05 Mbps 28.70
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Response Time 27 ms 24 ms

With all the attractive features, Ivacy VPN underperformed in terms of speed. The results were average and even though it perfectly protected our online identity with 256-bit AES encryption over the torrent network, speed remained our concerned. What impressed us is the Ivacy VPN’s support for security protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and the latest IKEv2 technology. Ivacy VPN took the fifth place in our best VPN for Torrenting recommendation. To summarize the overall advantages and disadvantages of Ivacy VPN service:


Advantage Disadvantage
One account can connect 5 devices simultaneously 7-day money back guarantee
Bitcoin payment support Average speed*
No Log Policy Average Customer Service
Servers in 50+ Countries
Internet Kill Switch (Network Lock)
P2P File Sharing Enhanced
Split Tunneling
Support For: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux

*Try shuffling between the servers to get the best speed possible.
Get Ivacy Now!

That’s it! We have reviewed and listed the 5 best VPN for Torrenting among many available in the VPN market today. Let’s look at other considerable options.

Is there Free VPN For Torrenting?

well, let talk about free VPN for torrenting, there are many VPN claims to provide free VPN for torrenting, but when we test them they quickly involved in leaking your DNS and reveal your real IP. There are many forums and discussion you may find where people talking about free VPN for torrenting, but none of them recommending to use free stuffs.

Other Necessary Factors To Consider

There are other factors that are not specific to best VPN for torrenting but they largely contribute to making a VPN efficient.

  • Payment Method – when you aren’t given anonymous payment methods the credentials can leak your identity. Therefore, make sure that the VPN you select has an option of payment methods such as PayPal.
  • Security Protocol– These protocols helps in creating an encrypted tunnel when you connect to a VPN server. Different security protocols can increase the download speed of uTorrent files as they apply a different level of encryptions. To summarize protocols into two categories:
    • PPTP– 40 to 128-bit weak encryption – less encryption fast speed.
    • L2TP/OpenVPN/IKEv2/SSTP– 256 bit encryption – less speed strong encryption.
  • Customer Service– An important factor for some as it can make your VPN experience great or disaster.
  • Coverage Area– Best VPN for Torrenting must have a vast network of servers to allow users to change them according to your needs and location.

Now let us dig deeper into the frequently asked questions by the torrent users.

Legal Issues While Torrenting

We generally listen that the torrent has many legal implications but why is that so? The simple explanation for it is that the content whose rights are just restricted to the managers or marketers of the product could not be given publically without their permission.

Yet, most of the times the content is allowed to the ones who pay for it and that’s because the company wants profit. Also, there is a certain time period for which nobody can use the content except the owner.

Is All The Torrenting Material Illegal

Most of the torrent users remain concerned while torrenting and that’s mainly because of the strict laws in most parts of the world. However, a lesser known fact is that all the torrent material is not illegal and you may download it without requiring any permission. For instance, sometimes a business organization uploads their content as a torrent file so that all their employees could get it more easily without any vulnerability risk.

Also, the legality depends on the torrent website you are using to get files. There are many websites who only provide legal torrent files for which they have copyrights. Popular torrent websites such as ThePirateBay and Kickass contain a mix of illegal and legal content and the users couldn’t distinguish between them.

Therefore, it is recommended to use safe torrent websites which only contain the legal content.

Your Country Laws Could Affect

People living in countries like Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, and Mexico would not have to worry about the restrictions or implications while torrenting. These countries allow the citizens to torrent freely and download files. Therefore, you must select the VPN for torrenting which have a server at least in one of these countries.

On the other hand, most countries bear strict laws for torrenters and also for the torrent websites. It is probable that you get a notice of copyright infringement if you are a citizen of USA, UK, India, China, Australia or Canada. In the worse case, you can also be punished for illegal torrent downloading.

Final Words

Torrenting is an ease for the individual who loves to download and stream content and that’s generally because of less complexity and is available without any cost. Despite, all these benefits a major drawback is the risk to your data through identity exposure.

For mitigating such threats you should connect to the best VPN for torrenting which are discussed above. Also, it is recommended to use a legitimate site for downloading torrent files as the file itself could not be judged for legitimacy.


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