Best VPN for UK 2017 – Unblock Favorite Streaming Channels

UK is only one country that follows EU Data Retention Detective strictly where more than 200 agencies and police authority has the power to access the database of ISPs. Moreover, The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which is a British security organization keeps their prying eyes on the activities of internet users more strictly than National Security Agencies (NSA) of the USA. This issue is not confined only within these. The British government regularly imposed different strict rules on privacy related issues that range from the limited useof Bitcoin to encryption banned issues.

5 Best VPNs for UK 2016


So in this situation, the Best VPN for UK has come as a blessing for the UK residents   to get protection from these spying activities and set up a shield for their online activities by masking IP addresses.A VPN for UKnot only helps UK residents from the above issue, but also it provides youa great facility to unblock all the content of other countries. For example, you can get easy access to all USA web streaming channels including Netflix, Hulu, NBC, CBS, ABC Network, HBO Go, Fox, Pandora and so on.

Unblock all UK Content with UK VPN Services?

Although there was a time when the UK was famous for their free broadcasting all over the world. But now the UK is considered as one of the best Geo-restricted countries in the world. There are many non-UK extremist fan of British media channels, in which BBC iPlayer is at the top of the list. Through this channel, they always want to be connected with their favorite TV shows, serials and dramas. There are also many more popular web streaming video channels that are blocked outside of the UK including Spotify, LoveFilm, Channel 4oD.

Now it is a piece of cake that anywhere you can reside, but you are able to unblock all of the content of these favorite UK-based web streaming channels easily. Only you need to subscribe to the UK VPN services that will help you to make your location camouflage through the different IP addresses of their huge server locations and get the freedom to unblock Geo-restricted content. Now, you can enjoy all the programs of UK media streaming websites without any boundaries.

Now here’s the 3 best VPNs for UK is enlisted to unblock all restrictions. Compare all of them and choose the best-suited one for you.

#1 ExpressVPN – Super Fast:

As abest VPN for UK, ExpressVPN can be your first choice since it is a high-quality VPN service provider that ensures the highest security of their users with great speed, unlimited bandwidth and convenience to choose 100+ servers. It is also a British Virgin Islands-based company, so you get the advantage of no-retention of logging information.  Moreover, you get 4 different server locations in the UK that are London, Berkshire, Kent and Maidenhead.

Pros & Cons of ExpressVPN A Reliable VPN for UK

  • Helps to unblock UK-based web streaming Channels – BBC iPlayer, Spotify, LoveFilm, Channel 4oD and many more.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers faster speed than any other VPN service provider
  • Strong no-log policy
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • High security with OpenVPN 256-bits
  • 100+ server locations in 78 countries
  • Provides 24/7 Live Chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No trial version.

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#2 IPVanish – Easy To Setup & Use:

If you are looking for the best VPN for UK with a reasonable price comparing to others, then IPVanish is the best one to provide high-quality services. This best VPN for UK ensures 100% online security for the subscribers through its widespread server locations, NAT Firewall, fast download and upload speed and so on. Furthermore, in the UK there are 20 servers are located. Among them 15 in London, 3 in Manchester and others 2 are in Liverpool and Nottingham.

Pros & Cons of IPVanish as the best UK VPN

  • Ensures access to BBC iPlayer, Spotify, LoveFilm, Channel 4oD and so on.
  • Allows 2 synchronous connections each and every time and these two devices remain connected through the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Offers 225+ server locations in 60 countries and 25000+ IPs.
  • Highly informative and helpful customer support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • VPN Software and Mobile Apps are free and user-friendly.
  • Ensures high security and privacy using OpenVPN 256-bits encryption protocol and “Zero log policy” respectively.
  • Easy and simple setup process.
  • No trial version is available.

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#3 HideMyAss :

Vast server locations, high-level security and fastest speed – these are the few features to introduce HideMyAss as a giant VPN service provider in the industry. It provides a quite impressive server list that includes more than 890 VPN servers. These servers are spread over the 340 locations of 190 countries across the world and include 280 servers in European countries.So you can unblock all the blocked content of UK easily.

Pros & Cons of HideMyAss as the best VPN for UK

  • Get access to all the blocked content of UK including BBC iPlayer, Spotify, LoveFilm, Channel 4oD and so on.
  • HideMyAss Pro VPN provides more than 121060 dynamic shared active IP addresses with the advantage of specific interval
  • If you become disconnected from the VPN, this time Secure IP Binding Tool of this Pro VPN stops the application to be connected on the internet.
  • Allows all protocols – PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and SSTP.
  • Free disposable Phone Numbers and Anonymous Email.
  • Compatible to use on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Easy and simple installation process.
  • Price is a little bit high.
  • No free trial is available.

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Why Need the Best VPN for UK?

United Kingdom is worldwide famous due to their extensive collection of regional based online services. BBC iPlayer is one of the most well-known content providers, which offer wide range of entertainment stuff, for example, The Voice UK, Comic Relief, EastEnders, The Dumping Ground and so on. 4oD provides on demand online entertainment and contains huge collection of comedy, Drama, Entertainment, Factual, Lifestyle and Sports videos. BBC iPlayer is still the best in offering smooth services in UK and is now accessible in other countries as well. However, when these UK residents travel abroad these services fail to work satisfactorily. To access geo-graphical restricted services you need the best VPN Provider for UK, which has large number of UK-located servers.

Challenges While Choosing the Best UK VPN

Selecting a VPN for UK as per user’s specific requirement is not an easy task since the internet is such a highly protected place in Great Britain. Although many VPN providers offer their services but every provider does not cater to your definite needs. In addition, the VPNs which are offered free of cost pose many difficulties; for instance, they do not protect your identity sufficiently and usually contain a lot of advertising and spamming troubles. On the other hand, several VPNs are really not worth the price they charge from their users. There are hundreds of service providers accessible to you online but it is not always easy to find the one which fits in your needs. You require somebody who has sufficient knowledge and expertise about technology, in order to recommend the same to you. The UK’s best VPN, have a team of IT experts that have a vast experience of the industry and our objective is to provide you assistance that actually helps you to have the most effective VPN of UK and England.  Our research team rates best UK VPN service on the basis of the following fundamentals:

  • Connectivity and speed of the VPN.
  • Quality standards used by the VPN Provider.
  • Promptness of after-sale service.
  • Cost benefits analysis.
  • Whether it works in other countries as well!

Take a look at the above mentioned list so that you can decide which option suits your desired requirements. We recommend you to take a closer look at these providers’ individual reviews; this will help you to decide which UK VPN can fulfill your needs.

Guaranteed Privacy with Best UK VPN Service

When you connect to a VPN, you actually run VPN software on your device, sign in with your information and your device gets connected with a server you choose. Once your device and the required server have confirmed each other as authentic, all of your downloading / uploading data is encrypted and secured from any type of threats.

The most significant thing that needs to be known about VPN is; it makes your device safe and it ensures that all of the downloading/uploading data is encrypted and protected from all vulnerabilities.

How to Connect UK Web-Services and Evade Geographical Restriction

UK is highly compliant region, where ISPs and VPN providers have to follow the guidelines given by the government and relevant authorities. Furthermore, United Kingdom has many intelligence agencies assigned to keep eyes on every suspicion website within the country committing serious law violations. More than 25 websites have been banned by them; hence UK is proven to be the most censored region of the world.

If you are a UK resident and want to access banned websites to download pirated material, then your action would be highly on stake since the ISP could provide your activity to relevant authorities for legal action. As already discussed, VPN providers located in UK are regulated by the same authorities as well, so they can’t be trusted to be connected with. We don’t recommend you to use the UK Based VPN providers, so the all listed best UK VPN service providers are based outside from UK.

It’s very simple to connect UK based websites or web-services from abroad; you just have to choose the best VPN for UK from our provided list, login with your details, select UK server, and enjoy!


In recent time, UK has imposed different strict rules and regulations on the netizens of the whole world.Both the non-UK and native netizens are bothered by these strict policies.To overcome the censorship and geo-limitation issues, best VPN for UK comes as an optimum solution for the British media content fans. Besides that,UK VPN serviceshelp UK citizens to get the protection of their online activities from the snooping eyes of GCHQ and such kind of other authorities.