Best VPN For China 2017 – Bypass The Great Firewall Of China

From the very beginning, the government of China has imposed different kinds of censorship mechanism for using the content of outside countries. The Great Firewall of China has been established to limit the internet access of Chinese people in the concern of protecting Chinese cultural values and ideology. They compel their citizen to use YouKu, Renren, and SinaWeibo instead of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter respectively. From the September 2014, a huge number of servers and websites have been blocked under the Chinese government initiated project “Golden Shield”.

Recently, they have taken the most crucial initiative to limit their online freedom and that comes with the title of “Social Credit System”. In this system, every citizen of 1.3 million population of China is awarded a particular “citizen score” considering their financial history, criminal records, academic performance and the most important one – online behavior of citizens. This score will be valued at the time of getting the bank loan, taking admission to any institution, being employed for the job and much more.

However, now to break this strongly monitored castle, the best China VPN services are the safe and secure shelter for the Chinese citizens. Now people in China, can easily bypass With the best China VPN, and Access all of your favorite shows and website like, Netflix, Gmail, FacebookYouTube and Youku without any restriction.

Here are The Best China VPN Services 2016


5 Best China VPN Services Providers 2016 – Short Reviews:

#1 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the recommended china VPN service if you are looking to visit and stay in China. ExpressVPN also passes the installed firewalls of government. Internet surfing in China requires a high-speed VPN service, because of security checks and installed firewalls. That is where ExpressVPN meets your demand. Some might claim it to be expensive but the company claims to solely invest a high amount of wealth in their dedicated servers to give you fastest speeds and connectivity to meet your ends of requirement with a 30-day refund policy.

Other notable features of Express VPN includes no-logging, Automatic Kill Switch, 24/7 quick Customer Service, SSL secured 256-bit military grade encryption and presence in 136 countries of 87 countries.

#2 NordVPN

NordVPN is second most sought after choice for China VPN service if you are looking for solid service with different other features bearable to pocket. It claims to provide more stealth and protection with its Double Data Encryption, Tor Over VPN extra features. NordVPN also passes the security checks of China legislations so that you can enjoy bypassing the geo-restrictions.

Other notable features of NordVPN includes no-logging, 24/7 Customer Service, 256-bit encryption, and presence in 49 countries.

#3 PureVPN

PureVPN is an another choice for China VPN service. It focuses on the diversity of VPN protection and provides other add-ons and features to its customers, which might get uncluttered for some with either, no need or too many. If you love diversity in VPN protection and look for to try other protection methods as well, then some of its notable features like ISP packet inspection prevention, split tunneling, dedicated IP, NAT firewall, and DDoS protection will interest you.

Typical features include no-logging, 24/7 customer service, 256-bit encryption, and presence over-whelming 141 countries to choose from this might come in handy when you are looking for the nearest server to China.

#4 Private Internet Access VPN (PiaVPN)

Private Internet Access VPN is another competitor and cheap competitor for China VPN service. If you are really tight on your budget then you might take a look at PIA while visiting or staying in China. It focuses and provides core VPN services to its customer at cheap possible rates. It has a 3341+ servers in 24 countries to choose from.

Typical features include 24/7/365 customer service, no-logging, 256-bit encryption and socks5 proxy support.

#5 HideMyAss VPN (HMA)

HidemyAss VPN once a free proxy server provide is now acquired by AVG to provide VPN services to its user base. HMA also has presence in providing ChinaVPN services among the competitor, with over-whelming 120,000+ IP addresses in application. So, you won’t have to worry about your IP being blocked. If you are visiting or staying in China and will occasionally use VPN services then HideMyAss VPN suits the cheapest need possible. It provides core VPN services in 190+ countries. But some might argue on its customer service.

Is using the China VPN legal?

Although many VPN service provider’s websites have been blocked in China by the information technology authority, but there is no specific law of using the VPN and also the government of China never said that the access to the blocked websites using VPN for China is illegal. In addition, for many Chinese companies, it is essential to use a VPN service because they have to maintain their online business communication. If the Chinese government restricts the use of VPN entirely, it will be a great economic loss for the country. So still many netizens of the China use VPN services, but no one is prosecuted for this usage. So it is completely safe for you to use a VPN service for China.

How to unblock other regions Content with the Best VPN for China?

It becomes a piece of cake that resides in China, you are able to unblock all of the content of other regions with the help of the best VPN for China. Only you need to subscribe to the most suitable VPN for China that will help you to make your location camouflage through the different IP addresses of their huge server locations and get the freedom to unblock Geo-restricted content of all over the world. Now, you have the freedom to enjoy Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Spotify, LoveFilm and many more websites breaking all the boundaries of the Great firewall of China.

How to select the Best VPN for China?

Although using the VPN in China is not illegal, but you have to be careful to select the best VPN for China. Because many renowned VPN services are already blocked in China.But now many providers offer VPN services using “Stealth” technologies that are specially structured to bypass Great firewall censorship. It mainly uses a technology to conceal Tor nodes that are known as the of proxy.

So when you purchase a VPN for China, make sure that the VPN service will provide you optimum solution to access channels from china, ensuring your anonymous browsing.

At first, you need to be sure that your chosen VPN service provides you dynamic shared IP addresses, so you can easily bypass all geo-restrictions concealing your browsing history anonymous.

Secondly, you should choose the VPN that has more server locations near to the China, it may be Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore. Another server choice can be the Western Coast city of United States,including San Francisco, Los Angeles etc.

Thirdly, before making the final purchase of the VPN for China, check the available protocols of your VPN service. The Best VPN for China must include SSTP and L2TP protocols for ensuring greater security, privacy, and fast speed.

SSTP protocol provides more secure connection and it is hard to block this protocol since its TCP port 443 as like as the SSL, it means for blocking the SSTP protocol, it is required to impair the internet. SSTP protocols the best-secured protocol. Since you are in China, so it can be your top priority.

If you want the fastest protocol, then you can go with L2TP protocol. It is the fastest protocol than SSTP, but it is less secure than SSTP. So you need to optimize the use of these two protocols according to your needs.

How to escape Chinese DNS Server?

After choosing the best VPN for China, the most important issue is to evade the Chinese DNS server. The technology authority of China has imposed a different step filtering system over DNS servers. Usually, if you use your default DNS server that is provided by the local Internet Service Provider (ISP), you will get nothing or can get some unnecessary data against your requests. So to avoid this situation, you need to go with a new DNS server that can’t be recognized by the Chinese technology authority. In this case, at first, you need to check your DNS server. You can check this by visiting the following links:


After that if you find that you are using Chinese DNS server, then immediately replace your DNS server with a new public DNS server. You can get such kind of DNS servers from your VPN service provider or you can use the following DNS servers:

  1. OpenDNS servers – 67.220.220
  2. Google Public DNS – 8.8.8and
  3. WATCH –


Although the Chinese government established Great Firewall to limit the access channels from China, but VPN for China gives the opportunity to overcome this restriction easily. In addition, best VPN for China has come as a great blessing to the business owner and corporate executives of multinational organizations since they have to maintain business communication regularly using the online platform. But it was just impossible without the Best VPN for China.