5 Best VPN Services (2020)

The most basic feature of a best VPN services is to ensure 100% security and privacy of the online activities of its users. Whether you are connected to the internet at home, office or any public places, a good VPN provides protection of your sensitive and secure information at all times. It assures you that all your internet traffic and data is encrypted using the secure VPN protocols.

5 Best VPN Service Providers of 2020 overview:

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What Is The Best VPN Service?

VPNs also provide the great facility of breaking all boundaries and restrictions on the content that are imposed by different countries. The best VPN services are able to overlook this geo-restriction establishing a huge number of servers across the world. In addition, it doesn’t compromise with the speed issue. With the best VPN services, you can stream all your favorite channels without any buffering and download cap.

How we Evaluate Best VPN Service?

VPNs ensure the topmost security of the online activities of their clients from the prying eyes of the different intelligence authorities and cyber criminals. Best VPN providers do this function without making any compromise with the speed and quality issues. So when we evaluate the best VPN providers, have given top priority on this issue. We have also distributed points to rank the VPN services considering the following features -the total number of servers in the particular countries, the number of dynamic active IP addresses, density of servers in the specific country, speed performance, easy setup procedure, device and operating system compatibility, customer support, uptime of services. Besides considering these features we have given some weight to the customer reviews of particular VPN service.

6 Factors That Make VPN Service Best

Before making any final purchase,evaluating the product or service thoroughly is the best way to make the purchase worth. So, why it’s not for choosing the best VPN services? When you will read any best VPN reviews then don’t forget to see the following factors which are really dominate the performance of a best VPN service.

Utmost Security

A good VPN encrypts your sending and receiving data and do not make any alteration of your data at the transmission time. In addition, it makes hard for the spammers and hackers to steal any of your sensitive and most credentials information like the credit card or bank account information. Generally, the best VPN providers always offer OpenVPN256-bits encryption protocol since it is the best one to provide security of your online activities. PPTP with 128-bits is good for streaming geo-confined video and audio content because it provides the fastest speed. L2TP/IPSec ensures high security, but it lessens your internet connection’s speed.

Maximum Uptime

Best VPN service always ensures that you are connected to your desired server locations in a prompt basis at any time. They build their server network in such a way so that you get their services with the highest uptime. Best VPN providers also establish many servers for the particular country’s server locations and minimum 2 datacenters are available in a particular region. If any unexpected event occurs in any datacenters they can still be able to provide their VPN services with the fastest route. On an average, you will get 99.99% uptime server.

Fastest Speed

Speed is one of the most wanted criteria of the best VPN service. If you are looking for the VPN service for streaming different geo-restricted audio and video sites like Netflix, Hulu and Hulu plus, ABC network, BBC iPlayer etc., then speed is the fundamental measurement standard to choose a VPN service. Most secure VPN helps you to find out the fastest speed VPN services, so the reviews of different VPN services of this site include speed performance with and without a VPN connection. Best VPN also ensures that you get the fastest speed on all your devices including PC, Android-powered devices, iPhone, iPad etc.

Complete Anonymity

You can easily be assured that whether your VPN service provides complete anonymity of your online activities or not. If VPN services provide dynamic IP address, it means identical IP address will be assigned for the certain period. So that you can easily be tracked that you are streaming different geo-restricted websites from the restricted location or you are using torrenting services. Finally, it may be a cause of banning your connection.

So we strongly recommend choosing the VPN service that provides dynamic shared IP addresses. It will not keep any proof of your online activities. If you give your look on pour Best VPN reviews, you can easily get VPN services that provide dynamic shared IPs for example, HideMyAss, PureVPN, ExpressVPN etc.

If you are looking for ultimate anonymity of your VPN service, then you should choose the VPN service that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Because Bitcoin is the payment option that keeps your actual identitysecret. In our best VPN review, you will get best VPN providers that accept Bitcoin such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and PureVPN etc.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth is also an integral part of Best VPN service. When you pick a VPN service for the purpose of accessing geo-restricted audio and video channels of different countries from other regions, you need a VPN service with unlimited bandwidth. It gives you the freedom to download latest and new flavored episodes of all your favorite and latest TV shows and movies without considering any downloading cap.

Log-less or Not?

For the privacy issue, before subscribing to a VPN service you should be ensured that whether they keep your logging information or not. Usually nobody wants to be monitored of their online activities. So you should go with the VPN services that maintain the zero-log policy. The most reliable VPN service providers that do not keep any log information are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Private Internet Access, PureVPN etc.


When you get a number of best VPN reviews, then these factors will really help you to find out the best VPN service.As, the VPN service relates to your privacy and security, for this reason, you have no more option without considering these issues.Otherwise, you may not find your spent money worthy.