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How To Check IP Leak? And How To Stop It?

Unique IP address is the identity of users connecting to the internet. Every user is identified by an IP address assigned to him by his internet service provider. Your IP addresses reveal your true location which makes it easier for ISPs and other entities to track you, and IP leak make it further easy to

VPN Tunnel – What It Is And Why Do You Need It?

While reading content after content, you must be wondering, OK I know what a VPN is, but what is a VPN tunnel!? Is this just another VPN? Why should I even be concerned? Is it a necessity? And some similar sorts of questions might come in your mind. This article will describe VPN tunnel, why

What Is Torrenting (It’s All About Downloading)

Everybody loves to share data with their friends and family whether it is some pictures, videos, music, and anything of interest. However, as pleasing it sounds, it becomes a cumbersome work to upload the data to a cloud storage then share links with your friends, and the larger your data is, the more frustrating it

VPN Speed Tests – Do You Need One?

VPN is one of the best ways to encrypt your internet traffic. However, in doing so, it reduces your speed in the process of encrypting and parsing the data between encrypted tunnel. Sometimes, the speed on one server is unbearable, and blazing fast on the other. The question arises, which server to choose? There are

VPN Server : What is VPN Server & How It Works

If you ever read about online security or you were interested in the topic, one of the first terms that immediately appear is the VPN (or Virtual Private Network). However, if you are not a technical person with basic knowledge on online security and networks, the term may be confusing and misleading. To help you