Difference Between VPN And Proxy – What’s The Logic

Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Proxy server designed to serve the same purposes to conceal the identity of the users and spoof Geo-restricted sites with a more secure way to take access the content. You can use either one of these to hide your identity or show yourself in the same location whose site you’re accessing. For instance, you can setup VPN to connect the internet through the service to bypass any foreign restricted site while sitting in your country.

Additionally, many of the VPN services are offering proxy servers, so you can get any one of the public proxy server that is free of cost, but the question is: “what is the difference between VPN and Proxy actually?” and most of the people frequently ask question “should I use VPN  service or Free Proxy Server?”. Therefore, both are similar in basic function but the actual purpose really differs to each other. Although to understand the actual difference in between both services, you need to read necessary details each one of these has.

What is a Proxy Server?

The proxy server actually tends the role of an intermediary server in between your computer and the internet. It serves a purpose as assistance to bridge between your system and the traffic routed from proxy server appear coming from its IP, not from your computer system. In simple words, proxy server tends to bridge over sites to route the traffic while you make a request to gain access but unlike the VPN Services, there are few resources to route in a proxy server that devotes to encrypt online content. In fact proxy server offering only two protocols:

Proxy Server Protocol:

HTTP Server___ is designed to interpret any sort of internet content into HTTP. This type of protocol only can encrypt data, which start from “HTTP”, or “is SHTTP” at your searching site of the browser. It can be routed only at requested HTTP or SHTTP level that’s why it is best to surf only at the web but it can’t make the route to other browsers or online apps. It simultaneously encrypts data and makes bridges to online resources. it is faster than other servers but It is not as secure as configured VPN services on your windows or iPhone because any hacking  or clever use of java or flash can detect your IP address and location easily if you are using  even a paid proxy server. So, in any hazard situation, you can be hacked by using ISP for government use.

Socks Server___ is not serving only specific browsing request to route at your system but support several sort of internet traffic. It is more flexible in routing the internet traffic to your browser and also allows you to handle as many traffic as you want, so that is the reason sock server is much slower than HTTP or VPN. It is also not secured to use to encrypt your data or hide your location, as HTTP is insecure.

VPN Server:

VPN server designed to encrypt data and a tunnel in between your device and host server. If anybody wants to chase you or hack you even at public places or for government use, there will be only shown that you are connected to VPN and no more than it is. No one can chase you online if you are using Most Secure VPN Service because it has more than 256-bit encryption to secure your activities, IP address, and the pages you have visited online so that it’s an amazing way to secure your data and to evade from cyber-goons. Therefore, a VPN gets all detail what content you have gotten online and it didn’t show your online logs. Therefore, to find proper detail about VPN, Best VPN Services, setup guides for iphone, windows, MAC, Smart TV etc,

Differences between VPN and Proxy Server:

As mentioned above, both VPN Service provider and Proxy Servers are designed to secure your data and location online but the service standard and the way they are serving their users are different to each other. The proxy server doesn’t encrypt the data you use while collecting online resources and comes with less security. The Best VPN Service Provider is offering all sorts of these essential features to bridge over foreign sites better than other services. The best VPN service is well known to take the fastest access anonymously while the proxy servers are insecure to your identity and not operating encryption for your data.

VPN vs Proxy:


Privacy__ A best VPN server encrypts all of your data collecting from online resources and shows it into codes that no one can understand. Therefore, no one can chase you even for government use because ISP also will not intrude into your activities and privacy. It is perfectly secured.

Security__ most secure VPN service providing high-quality 256-bit encryption. VPNs are more secured so if you configure your device to VPN client, your online activities will be completely secured.

Assessment __ VPN allows you to take access at multiple worldwide-restricted sites at the same time.

Compatibility__ VPN support all devices such as windows, smart TV, iPhone, android, MAC, Linux etc. so you need not too worried about your device if you have to configure the host to your system. It also supports to OS and Routers.

Speed__ VPN didn’t slower your internet speed if you are using best one. It allows you to use DNS to enhance or manage internet speed, although it will not slow if you are visiting several sites at the same time.


Privacy__ proxy is not sure to your privacy setting, so while using proxy server even free or paid, anyone can chase your activities and communications.

Security__ there is many threats of cyber-goons because it has low-level security. There is only one level security system is available and that is SSL where it encrypt data otherwise every other level didn’t support to encrypt data.

Assessment__ it didn’t bypass any strong firewall because Proxy only works with few geo-restricted sites not capable for every site.

Speed__ it is good with speed only if you are using just one site but in multiple sites its speed decrease due to heavy traffic.