Fastest VPN Service Provider 2017 – Speed Test Results Of VPN Providers

Are you in search of the fastest VPN service, or you are reluctant to use a VPN because of reduced internet speed and compromise on your internet security? Well, you should stop all your worries because we bring you the fastest VPN services after extensive speed tests and trials. Here we have listed the top 5 VPN services which do not compromise on your internet speed and security.


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How Most Secure VPN Tests Fastest VPN Services

We tested and tried the fastest VPN services by adopting the modernistic approach. We gathered the result of the fastest VPN service by collecting test results from our different resources based in different physical locations like Australia, Europe, North America and South America so that we could enhance the authenticity of our data for you and help you to choose the fastest VPN service. We adopted uniform pattern to test all the fastest VPN services. We present you here the results we got after the speed test we conducted for the fastest VPN service.

Criteria For Speed Testing

We conduct tests by We connect to a VPN server from three different areas of the United States and then average the result to get an overall country effect. Our baseline is:

Factors Average
Download Speed: 35.17 Mbps (Average)
Upload Speed:  34.05 Mbps (Average)
Ping Time: 27 ms (Average)
Server Location: United States
Target Server Location: United Kingdom


Encryption Protocol

Encryption protocol affects the overall speed of a VPN service, because of encryption and maintaining the Quality of Service. We have listed the most common and widely used internet protocol for your understanding.

  1. L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) /IPsec –  L2TP/IPsec both works conjointly. L2TP focuses on balancing the speed and security of internet connection. IPsec is an encryption algorithm which is used to with L2TP to provide security.
  2. PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) – It contains 40 to 128-bit necessary encryption which is low as compared to other protocols. However, it provides more speed over L2TP protocol.
  3. SSTP (Secure Socket Tunnel Protocol) – SSTP is an encryption protocol by Microsoft which is by default active in Windows OS. It is slow in speed but provides better security.
  4. OpenVPN – It is the most common and widely used protocol today. OpenVPN provides SSL v3/TLS v1 brute force encryption to your internet connection. However, such encryption reduces speed of a VPN

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ExpressVPN is a dedicated company to a VPN industry. It spreads over 78 plus countries and 136 plus cities. Some users might find it expensive, and they do charge few more money than others because they heavily invest in their premium dedicated servers to maintain the service and provide you the best quality service and security experience. ExpressVPN offers 256-bit bank-level AES encryption with all encryption protocol. They have 30 days money back guarantee policy with quick service of 24/7. Our test results for ExpressVPN are:

Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 34.50 Mbps
Uploading Speed 34.05 Mbps 32.04 Mbps
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Ping Time 27 ms 21 ms


While testing Express VPN, we hardly faced any decrease in the speed regarding browsing, download, and streaming. This decrease is understandable because of the security protocol used, as aforementioned that L2TP balances speed and security. ExpressVPN takes the first place in our fastest VPN services list as the leading VPN provider.


As the name suggests, NordVPN is headquartered in a northern country and is beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. government; meaning no regulation to provide logs. NordVPN started with its focus on security, but now it offers blazing fast speeds as well. It offers excellent encryption features such as 2048-bit SSL double encryption and Tor-over-VPN. It spreads over 56 countries and 625 plus server locations. It also offers 30 days money back guarantee with quick customer service 24/7. Our test results for NordVPN are:

Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 32.50 Mbps
Uploading Speed 34.05 Mbps 28.40 Mbps
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Ping Time 27 ms 26 ms


We experienced a noticeable difference in the service, but it was understandable because of the encryption features and L2TP protocol. But we had a smooth experience of internet activities and streaming. The connection could be made faster if lower encryption protocol is used such as PPTP. NordVPN took second place in our fastest VPN services list.


PureVPN has a huge following of casual users because of its diversity. It spreads over 140+ countries and 500 plus server locations. PureVPN offers add-ons feature to its service, and some of the notable add-ons are DDoS Protection, Nat Firewall, Split Tunneling and Virtual Router. It is available with 7-days money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Our test results for PureVPN are:

Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 30.40 Mbps
Uploading Speed 34.05 Mbps 28.50 Mbps
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Ping Time 27 ms 30 ms


Our experience was fair, keeping in mind our actual connection speeds we found it to be thriving. Overall, we did not face any difficulty in internet activities and streaming but response time was our concern. PureVPN managed to take its third place in our fastest VPN services list.


Buffered VPN is fairly a new company in VPN industry and has a presence in 25 plus countries currently and increasing rapidly. Some might find it expensive, but their priority is to provide premium servers to create a strong user base. Buffered VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee and quick customer service.

Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 30.20 Mbps
Uploading Speed 34.05 Mbps 27.94 Mbps
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Ping Time 27 ms 25 ms


We found Buffered VPN to be competing with PureVPN for its place. The results were quite near, but Buffered VPN performed better in response time. Our experience and opinion for Buffered VPN are quite the same as PureVPN. Buffered VPN takes fourth place in our fastest VPN services list.


PIA is the has huge user base than PureVPN because of its affordability. It spreads over 24 countries but 3381 server locations. PIA offers 256-bit encryption and popular encryption protocols with Socks5 proxy. It offers a built-in feature to block ads, trackers, and malware with multiple VPN gateways. It’s easy to use and offers a 7-days money back guarantee with 24/7 customer service. Our results for PIA VPN are:

Download Speed 35.17 Mbps 29.20 Mbps
Uploading Speed 34.05 Mbps 27.70 Mbps
Encryption Protocol L2TP
Server Location United States United Kingdom
Ping Time 27 ms 30 ms


We noticed a significant difference in performance as compared to other VPN we tested. The results were below our expectation. But the speed could be made better if different encryption protocol like PPTP is applied. PIA VPN managed to take fifth place in our fastest VPN services list

Why Speed Is Important?

Whenever you decide to use a VPN there comes a question in your mind, will it provide me full security with less reduction in my internet speed? And when you google for the answers for the fastest VPN service or secure VPN services, you are stuck into the clutter of options which make you perplexed and anxious to get to the right one. As far as this debate of speed or security is concerned here comes an important point to think about and that is your purpose of using a VPN service. Some people on the internet use a VPN service to secure their sensitive information from the unauthorized internet access, and any possible cyber theft or surveillance agencies. But, in fact, there is an enormous magnitude of people over the internet who uses a VPN service to watch their favorite shows on streaming channels like NetflixHulu, Fire TV, Pandora, and many others. Or they use it for Torrenting and to get the access to geo-blocked social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. If you are mainly using a VPN service for entertainment or socializing purpose, your most basic requirement then would be speed and for that, you need a fastest VPN service because these activities do not require secured accounts but yes you need super-fast speed to stream a video or download a file from the server.

Fastest VPN For Streaming

A fastest VPN service that we have recommended above ensures you better speed to enjoy online streaming of your favorite shows, latest videos or downloading a file from the servers from your favorite channel like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, etc. With a better speed, you can enjoy fast streaming and keep your mind relaxed and enjoy your day rather than spoil your movie night on a hunt to improve the internet connection.

Fastest VPN For Downloading

When it comes to downloading anything you want speed is most important you do not want all your day wasted on some files to download. The fastest VPN service allows you to download files faster and at a better speed.

Fastest VPN For Uploading

By using the fastest VPN services that we have recommended you above you can enjoy fastest uploads on your most cherished and beloved social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with a better speed and using the fastest VPN services.

Fastest VPN For Gaming

If you are a gaming addict and wants smooth access to your favorite online gaming servers where daily thousands of gamers are playing, entering such servers may reduce your speed and slowdowns the games, but by using the fastest VPN service you can enjoy the smooth and extravagant experience of gaming online.

Fastest VPN For Security

The fastest VPN services we recommended you above provide you fool-proof security by completely hiding you online details to protect you from hackers, ISP, and several surveillance agencies spying you get through your privacy. By using it, you can go completely anonymous over the internet and browse whatever you like fear free.

Why a VPN Connection  The Internet Speed?

Whenever you are connected to the internet using a VPN service your internet speed slowdowns, it happens because of various factors that slowdowns the speed and cause delay. At first what happens is when you try to browse any site using a VPN that VPN creates a virtual tunnel to safeguard your identity and then it first connects you to the VPN server then that server connects you to the internet. This whole process apparently takes more time than using the internet without VPN; in that case, your server directly links to the desired website. The second thing that causes the reduces speed is a VPN encrypts your data to secure it from the other users on the network then decrypts it and transmit it to the server this whole process of encryption and decryption slowdowns the internet speed drastically. Another reason is that because you must already use the internet with reduced speed if your internet already is too lethargic and then you use it with a VPN it would be dead-slow, and you would be a frustrated, anxious person affected by the killer speed of your internet. Lastly another reason that can cause your internet to slow down is the distance from the server. For example, if you are physically located in Spain and using a U.S. VPN server, so you will connect first to the U.S. VPN server and then connects to the website there on forward. The response data from other sites will then be moved to U.S. server first then to you. This added distance also takes time and reduce the internet speed drastically. So due to security protocols a VPN service uses, you are likely to face a reduction in speed, you can’t completely ignore this phenomenal, but you can fix it with a fastest VPN service. So here you have two choices:

  1. Use a less secured VPN protocol, which enables you better speed, but by doing this you are at 100% risk, and we would not like to recommend you this.
  2. Use a fastest VPN service, which ensures better speed with full security protocol.

Need For Fastest VPN Service

We all know that in today’s technological era using the internet becomes mandatory for everything we do, either it’s watching movies, T.V shows, socializing or even shopping. So it’s a must to secure your online identity from identity thieves, who are always in search of their prey or from the surveillance agencies and your ISPs, these are some various security threats surround us. When we use a VPN to enable security, it reduces internet speed which is disappointing when you are trying to download something. We know that after security, our primary concern is speed, even some VPN providers that claim they are the fastest VPN service, slowdowns your internet connection in fact. Internet users globally use the fastest VPN services for many reasons like anonymous streaming, online gaming, torrenting, and bypassing geo-restriction. Some top most sites and streaming channels are only available in selected areas and are blocked geographically in different regions of the world, and it’s frustrating if you move outside that location where some channels are open, and some are geo-blocked. There are many reasons to use the fastest VPN service to enhance your streaming, torrenting, gaming experience.


Now you are aware that how using a VPN can affect the speed of your internet connection. The question is that, is there any way to resolve or minimize the issue of reduced speed? And the answer is yes; you can not completely solve the reduce internet speed problem but you can minimize the issue by using the fastest VPN services mentioned above.