How to Access Facebook in China 2017 – Follow Simple Steps

Facebook has become the lifestyle for all the internet users around the globe it is no more a website ,it is no more any ordinary social platform, but it is now the part of our lives with more than 1 billion active facebook users monthly we all know that the whole world is addicted to this ingenious social website and we just can’t deny the fact how much we all love sharing our moments, memory, photos, videos etc. with our friends and family through this amazing platform just with the a touch or click of a mouse, but there still are some people who struggle to get Facebook, yes and such people are called tourists or expats living in the toughest internet region, China. Chinese government has literally blocked everything and not only Facebook you just can’t access any of your favorite website and foreign content including,YouTube, Skype, Google services and Twitter from China and it is really very upsetting and frustrating when you just can share your happy moments, your wonderful travel photos and videos etc. with your family and friends. Even though Chinese government has developed a local Chinese version and alternative of Facebook, like Weibo, Renren, and PengYou, but obviously when all your friends and family are still using Facebook there is no point of switching Facebook with any of these local social websites which are not even an inch closer to the social networking giant Facebook. Keeping in mind all these annoying moment and situation we have here brought you the solution to unblock Facebook in China and access is from China or from anywhere in the world where it is blocked and that is by using a VPN service that we have listed below.

5 Best VPN For Facebook In China 2015 ***UPDATED***


Use a VPN to Unblock Facebook in China

facebook in chinaWe are so glad we have a technology now by which we can avoid such upsetting and unpleasant situations and access the web as we want from anywhere in the world. Chinese government has deployed a very high-end and advanced technology to block all the foreign websites and content as they don’t any Chinese people to use website other than Chinese websites and if your IP address is not Chinese then you can easily access all the blocked websites and content in China, but how can you change your IP address without physically moving away from China? You can do it by using the smartest encryption tool, a VPN which let you safely access anything you want in China or from any region of the world.

The Best VPN to Unblock Facebook in China

The Great Firewall of China is not easy to bypass,How to access Facebook in China

as it is a highly smart technology which not only blocks websites but also blocks many VPN services which use old technology or which are not good enough to sustain the ongoing battle of this block by the Firewall of China, which clearly means you need something extraordinary to defeat the security barrier of great firewall of China. A VPN that is optimized for China and has many strong and sustainable servers near China like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan or in Western Coast city of United States,including San Francisco, Los Angeles etc. A VPN that is dedicated to China must provide you all the VPN protocols including L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP for better connectivity and performance. The best protocol to use in China is SSTP as it provides more secure connection and it is hard to block this protocol since its TCP port 443 as like as the SSL, it means for blocking the SSTP protocol, it is required to impair the internet. SSTP protocols the best-secured protocol. Since you are in China, so it can be your top priority. However, if you want to access top online streaming channels which require fast connection speed you must use L2TP which is faster than SSTP but less secure.

How VPN Works to Unblock Facebook in China?

A Virtual Private Network basically masks your original Chinese IP address with any other country IP address so that you can access all the favorite websites and social networking websites like Facebook in China. It also encrypts your entire data and by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and VPN server bypassing the Chinese internet connection so you get away with the monitoring and spying eyes of Chinese firewall and volunteers who periodically shuts the VPN down. Using a China VPN is the only solution to access all the blocked foreign websites and social networking sites in China as no ordinary and any random free VPN service can stand and confront an advanced security barrier of the Chinese Firewall.

Benefits of using a VPN to Unblock Facebook in China

In this article we talked about how to unblock Facebook in China, but let me tell you one thing by using any above listed China VPN you are able to access all the blocked websites and services in China, for example, YouTube, Twitter, Google Services, Skype etc. and not only this you can also get the power to access Netflix which is even not available in China, all you have to do is to select US server and here you go, you are ready to stream your favorite movie, TV shows, kids shows etc. ( a valid Netflix subscription is required to make this solution work).


Millions of expats in China face this annoying situation every now and then, which most of the time ends up in big frustration of not being able to watch your favorite shows and not be able to share your photos, videos with your family and friends through social media. A VPN in such case is a key to get it all done with just a few clicks of your mouse. Not only a VPN gives you the power to access all the blocked websites and content from China it also enhances your privacy and security to keep all the snoopers away from you. We really believe that all the people in the world must have the right to access the web the way they not and no one should force them to limit their options for accessing the world of internet.