How To Access Gmail in China? Bypass the Great Firewall of China from anywhere

The most popular email service in the world Gmail which is used by millions of people in the world which is famous and liked by more than 1 millions users around the globe due to its alluring features e.g 15 GB space, smart email categorization, effective mail management, social networking synchronization, multi- language support and much more, but unfortunately due to the most strict censorship policies Gmail is blocked is blocked in China, which is really a frustrating situation. If you live and work in China or planning to move in there it is difficult to access Gmail service or any other services. To date more than 3000 websites are blocked in China including popular social giants like Facebook, Twitter etc. but luckily we have a technology to overcome this hurdle in the way of our communication and freedom of internet and that is a VPN to unblock Gmail in China that we have listed here which let you access not only Gmail but all the blocked websites in China.

5 Best VPN For Gmail In China 2015 ***UPDATED***


How to Unblock Gmail in China?

how to access gamil in chinaChinese government is known for the most aggressive and intense internet censorship policies for many years and they achieve it by the high-tech and advanced security system The Great Firewall of China (GFW), which is considered as the most effective and technologically advanced firewall in the world which blocks access to more than 3000 websites in China and this is due to the Chinese government controlling and monitoring policies against any prohibited internet activities like pornography, violence, hatred statement etc. so when you are in China or any Chinese resident and you try to access Gmail or any other blocked website which is prohibited and blocked by the Chinese Firewall the access request of all such websites is rejected and denied by Great Firewall of China, but there is a point to consider here that the firewall only blocks Chinese IP address when accessing blocked websites, which simply means if you somehow change you IP address in China you are able to access all the websites that are blocked in China and that is possible only by using a China  VPN service which is optimized for China and we have already tested and tried several VPN services in China and then selected the best VPN services for China, listed in the table above so that you don’t put yourself in trouble while making a decision to relocate to China and when you go there you don’t have to miss out on something.

Best VPN to Unblock Gmail in China

How does a VPN work to unblock Gmail in China?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not only an internet security tool, but it also empowers you to access all the censored and blocked content from any region of the world and If you are wondering about how the China VPN works and let you access all the blocked websites in China then you must know the basic of it before you try your hands on it. A VPN is an internet security and privacy software which is used by millions of organization and individuals to protect their network from the third party interference. VPN works as a private network which when installed, setup and connected to your computer or any other device creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and VPN server and transfers your internet data that you send or receive through this tunnel. As the tunnel is encrypted with the 128-bit level of encryption which enhances your privacy and security and privacy. It also masks your original IP address and changes it with another country’s IP address that you can choose from the list of VPN servers, this helps you to access the blocked websites from any region of the world, for example in China restrictions are imposed only on Chinese IP address if you change your IP address to any other country’s you will easily access the blocked websites in China, but this is the job of no ordinary or free VPN service to battle off and confront high level security barrier of Chinese Firewall only a China VPN can let you access all the blocked content because Chinese government monitors the internet by thousands of volunteers who periodically block small and free VPN services which have old technology or which are not capable enough to face off GFW, so you must look for the following feature in a VPN service to be used in China that we have selected for you in the table above;

  • VPN services must be optimized for China
  • It must have servers located near China e.g Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan etc.
  • Must  offer all the VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP etc.
  • The Internet Kill Switch
  • High Encryption level of 128- bit or higher

5 Steps to Unblock Gmail in China

Now that you are aware of all the comprehensives details of a China VPN that can be used to unblock Gmail and other blocked services in China, you can now move forward towards the steps to actually get it and let the action begin, from anywhere anytime;

  1. Choose the right VPN service from the table above and sign up for the service by visiting the provider website.
  2. Install and setup the required VPN App according to your device for e.g Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc.
  3. Open the VPN App and sign in by entering the credentials provided by the VPN service.
  4. Choose one server location from the list of VPN servers, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan etc. for better connection performance due to less distance.
  5. Now you can connect to any website you want in China.


Selecting a China VPN is not an easy task, however, we are sure this article will help you deciding the best China VPN and will let you access Gmail and all other websites which are  your favorite from the most strict and censored region for the internet where most of the popular services are blocked. Best VPN services for China that we recommended in the table here are not only to access the blocked web in China, but t will also enhance your privacy and security while using the internet which will keep hackers, spammers and all the other snoopers away from your network, so be safe and ENJOY!