How to Access Twitter in China

access twitter in chinaTwitter is an online social networking website which allows users to send short messages and connect with friend and their social circle, but unfortunately it is not available in China and all the people who live or work in China face real difficulty accessing not only Twitter but all the giant social networking platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, etc. China is undoubtedly a very strict internet region and all the foreign websites are blocked by using a high-end and advanced technology of security barrier called the Great Firewall of China and the only way to unblock Twitter and all other blocked foreign content is to use a VPN that is specialized for China and which let you access all your favorite websites and social networking platforms securely. After tests and trials, we have listed down top VPN services for China so you can’t face any problem while you are in China.

5 Best VPN For Twitter & How To Access Twitter In China


Unblock Twitter in China with VPN

When you look for the ways to unblock Twitter and other blocked services in China, you may come across many VPN services but to beat the security level of The Great Chinese Firewall is not the job of any random, free or ordinary VPN that uses old technology and only a VPN service that is optimized for China can battle off The high-end security barrier of Chinese Firewall. When in China, it’s difficult to catch up on the news, or send a tweet and join the conversations happening on Twitter and it can really frustrating and annoying to be in such a situation where you are disconnected from the outer world, but we are so glad we have a technology to solve this issue and even after the strict and high-end security barrier of Chinese firewall, there are still some top VPN services specialized for China which let you unblock and access Twitter in China. Before you select a VPN to access all the blocked services in China, you must keep a few things in your mind and must look for these features in a China VPN;

  1. It must have servers near China for example in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc. for a better connectivity due to less distance
  2. It must be optimized for China
  3. Must offer L2TP, PPTP and SSTP VPN protocol
  4. Must be highly encrypted

Best VPN to Unblock Twitter in China

Just like Twitter, you must know many other popular websites and Google services are blocked in China and as mentioned above only a China VPN which is dedicated to China can let you unblock and access all these websites in China. Keeping this in mind we have tried and tested many VPN services and after that comprehensive research we have listed Best VPN for China in the table given above from which you can choose any of the provider according to your requirement and it will work for you to access all the blocked content in China so you can’t feel isolated and lonely while using the internet in China. The best VPN to unblock Twitter that we have selected for you here has many strong and sustainable servers located near China including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc. All the VPN services we listed above in the table uses all the VPN protocols specially SSTP which is most recommended to be used in China as it provides the most secure connection which is also required to bypass the Chinese Firewall and it is difficult for any firewall to block it on the network. When you use a China VPN that we have recommended you here you cannot only get the access to all blocked websites in China but all your internet activities are also hidden and encrypted by the VPN so you get absolute anonymity and privacy.

How Best VPN Works to Unblock Twitter in China?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a smart technology which benefits you in two ways, first, it masks your original IP address and provides you a fake virtual IP address of your desired country which let you access the content of that country which might be blocked in the region you physically live. Second, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and VPN server bypassing the internet connection so that all your data you send or receive transfers through the encrypted tunnel which ensures maximum privacy and security and keep your information away from all the hackers, spammers, and other cyber criminals or snoopers. In China, the Chinese Firewall is programmed to block all Chinese IP address from accessing any foreign content and websites and once your IP address is changed to any other country to can get away with this setting and can access any website blocked there like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google services, etc.

Steps to Unblock Twitter in China

Now after the detailed article about the importance of a VPN in China you are just a few clicks away to get the action done. Follow these simple steps to get a VPN to unblock Twitter and all other blocked websites in China;

  1. Select one VPN service from the above table
  2. Go to the website of the VPN service and sign up
  3. Install and setup the required VPN App according to your device (e.g. Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc.)
  4. Open the VPN App and sign in by entering the credentials emailed to you by the provider at the time of sign up
  5. Select the server from VPN list for instance with China to choose hong Kong, Singapore, Japan etc. or any other location near China for the better connection performance, now you can enjoy all your favorite websites and social networking site in China with no hassle.


Chinese government maintain a tough monitoring and control over its internet and makes it difficult for the people who live and work there to access their desired websites, however, we are glad we have a technology of VPN that let us access the internet freely and safely even from such a restricted region.