How to Bypass Amazon FireTV – Simple Setup Guide

We are grateful to Amazon Fire TV to launching their latest streaming services for their devotees to be facilitated by their online market, but unfortunately, this facility only on available for selective countries and if you are not living in these specific destinations, you are unable to access the entire features & services Amazon Fire TV offering.

However, you need not too worried about it, we have a solution to resolve all these problems and to kick all the restrictions easily just with three words…VPN (Virtual Private Network), yes! You just have to  Setup VPN With Router and bypass all these geo-restricted sites to enjoy Amazon Fire TV features in your own country.

Why Would You Like To Bypass Amazon Fire TV via VPN?

  1. You can be entertained if you bypass Amazon Fire TV’s latest features, those are blocked for foreign countries
  2. To unblock geo-restricted services and channels
  3. To ensure any streaming site with super fast connectivity
  4. To hidden from ISP and bypass from traffic management
  5. To Encrypt your data
  6. Protects from malicious activities by its tight security & privacy
  7. Cloaks your IP address and location

Free VPN is a risk

It is true that you can bypass any geo-restricted site by using a free VPN service but your data neither secure nor your connection is so fast. When you logging with Free VPN connection, its security gone to zero, data leaks and its privacy gone in a threat to hack. It has also a low streaming quality that looks like a riddle while streaming or buffering.

How to Setup VPN on Amazon Fire TV to bypass geo-restricted sites?

Most Secure VPN Service allows you to assign a US based IP address for your Amazon Fire TV to stream any channel without restrictions and getting unblock. So let’s start with these simple steps, to configure VPN on your Amazon Fire TV.

  1. Login to your
  2. Go to “Your Account” option
  3. Click on the option “Manage Content & Devices”
  4. The drop-down menu will be open and then click on the “Country Setting” (you can set any country such as U.S., UK, Canada etc to watch online streaming channel at Amazon Fire TV) it will show as you are in the same country who’s channel you are watching.
  5. Make sure your VPN connection configured with your Router otherwise click here for quick access to the setting up VPN with your Router.
  6. Take access to your US based server list through your VPN Service Provider, if you are using ExpressVPN Provider click here to access full detail about your server. (choose one of the specific servers such as Amazon Fire TV US, Amazon Fire TV UK etc)
  7. If you are using Amazon Fire TV Stick, you just have to connect your Fire TV Stick to your VPN Router.

While you have connected your VPN Router with Fire TV now you are able to unblock or bypass any geo-restricted site or service in a most secure way without any threat.

How to Bypass Amazon Fire TV with Smart DNS?

There are several channels including Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and so on…. Those are geo-restricted outside the US. There are only two ways to bypass these sites on Fire TV so the first is mentioned above and the second one bypasses it through Smart DNS Method. It is also nice to conceal your original location from the streaming devices so you can enjoy it once you setup your streaming stick. The Smart DNS proxies are very efficient in handful reasons and unblocking Netflix, Hulu, WWE and so on. Therefore, if you are using Amazon Fire TV Stick Smart DNS is very quick and easy way to bypass geo-restricted sites:

  1. Start your Amazon Fire TV
  2. Open its menu and go to “Setting” option there will be prompt options chose “System” and click on it
  3. There will be shown drop down menu of ‘system’ and click the second option named “Network”
  4. When you click on the ‘Network’ click on the prompt second option “WIFI” click to forget it. Then click on the “Select” to confirm it.
  5. Afterwards by clicking it, you will again ask to confirm your WIFI network by verifying your password
  6. Mention your WIFI passcode and click on the “Advanced” option below the screen
  7. Now you need to gain another IP address from your DNS Router, it is not much tough you just have to change the digits of your router’s IP address by pressing any digits and click on the “Next” option visible below the page.
  8. To go the default “Gateway” and type your new IP address (fake IP address that you have changed in the previous option) and click on the “Next”
  9. It will ask you to enter your “Network Prefix Length” type “24” and click on “Next” option
  10. Now you will turn to the next screen, here you have to mention your primary DNS’s server address provided by your VPN package which is supporting to you DNS’s server and then click on “Next”
  11. Now mention your secondary DNS’s server address
  12. Now you go back to your “Setting” again and select a “Time Zone” (select the time zone as the US, UK who’s location you have to use while streaming your Fire TV Channels)
  13. Your Amazon Fire TV will run DNS proxy and you can see any geo-restricted site easily.


Amazon Fire TV is as a bargain, which provides you several entertainment resources such as playing games, streaming sites, online videos, live channels, watching sports, online movies and many more, but, unfortunately, geo-restriction on these sites can ruin your desires and experience if you are living outside these countries. But, now! All these geographical restrictions can be solved out or averted if you are using a best VPN Service Provider or Smart DNS services. So consequently, the combination of Amazon Fire TV Latest Features and VPN Subscription can conclude to avail access to Fire TV’s amazing features and bypass any abroad site.