How to Protect Yourself On Public WIFI

So, you are staying in a hotel and have hoped to be facilitating by free WIFI to take a quick peek at your Social Medias, checking your emails, furtively access at bank balance or any other activity on the internet. We are so used to having free WIFI wherever we find it. We logging whenever or wherever we take access at free WIFI, we don’t consider that public wifi logging can be risky ever.

Mobility expert, Con Mallon said, “the first thing most of the people do while staying at the hotel, visiting a restaurant, coffee shop or airport, they flip on their wifi and wander for free hotspot rather than using their own internet data”. But they didn’t know their these public wifi networks are not safe as we think because we have joined network with tons of people so, our data is at risk

Danger of WIFI
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Why should you care about public WIFI even if it has a password?

Are you thinking you’re using a wireless network which has a firewall to protect your data? Keep in mind when we join the same network even if it has protected firewall but you have joined the network with tons of people. Your data can be chase easily because it is remarkably simple to hack anyone’s password or username while using the same network. Not only your password but also can chase your activities happening on the same network. So don’t give a chance anyone to steal your data. Now am going to give you some simple tips and services to avoid such harmful chasing or stealing system. So here we go:

How to stay safe while using public WIFI?

First of all, make sure the setup of your mobile or laptop’s automatic wifi connected option is off or it must ask before connecting to any network. You must ask the employee before connecting to any network or wifi.

Turn on the firewall of your computer. Go to the control panel, click on system & security option, click on windows firewall and then click on the left side option “turn windows firewall on or off” by clicking it you can turn on the firewall to protect your PC or laptop.

Make sure about HTTPS or HTTP beginning in the websites URL. If you are using facebook, twitter, G-mail or any other social media make sure you have written HTTPS in the start of the website. If there is the only HTTP without “s” your files are in risk because some VPN services only support HTTPS, not HTTP. Therefore, you should consider safety before the approach to anything. There are up to 1400 websites on Google chrome and firefox those allows you to enjoy HTTPS websites whenever or wherever you want without risk.

There are several ways to secure your system but these are just bubbles in the air, so you need to seek a solid way to secure your data. VPN Services and HTTPS are the best way to protect your data at public places.

Make sure you are researching website via HTTPS or using VPN Services because both are secure to encrypt your sending or receiving data from websites. VPN or HTTPS services ensure you that your data is secure while receiving or sending from these encrypt websites. If you are not sure that you have connected HTTPS, you can verify at your address bar of the window. You can also check HTTPS at the start of your website while using.

Use VPN service to encrypt the data because if someone steals your data he couldn’t understand encrypted data chasing from your system. He/she will only see the codes of your data so you can be secure even at public networks. Therefore, “MOST SECURE VPN” providing best services to ensure you to keep your privacy secure.

What is VPN & why you should use VPN services?

You may understand, what is VPN (Virtual Private Network) service? Probably you have not used these services before. Maybe you really not using VPN services at that time but at some point, you think it as important as an internet connection for your tablet or laptop.

Simply VPN is a group of computers networked together over publically networking systems, named by the internet. These VPN services were used in the companies’ years before but now it’s publicly utilizing by several services with free of cost or little fees. VPN is actually a preying eye at your internet connection and encrypting data receiving or sending from websites.

Best VPN Services:

The question is how to find “BEST VPN SERVICES”? The connectivity protocols, solid features, quick access that didn’t slow down browsing speed, server location, good price etc are the best things that any best VPN service must have.

To ensure its protocol, you must have to see terms “SSL/IPSec/PPTP/TLS” beginning in the websites. When your system connected to VPN services your trusting VPN service, your communications will be secure from hacking. However, keep in mind your service provider can log in your data so if it bothers you must check your service provider’s privacy & security setting. There are rumors that there are several USA based services those log your data in some cases or in government use. Therefore, make it clear before choosing any VPN service provider.

So finally keep a keen eye at your service provider’s agreement. So beware about the cheap and some free of cost VPN service because they have great differences in between a Paid VPN Service and Free VPN Service for instance:

  • Most of the free VPN service provider more often log into your activities and not good in quality, these services slower down your browsing speed and chase your activities. After that, they tailor adds more likely to your habits or interest after chasing you. That’s why you must look about their reviews, privacy and security features.
  • The paid VPN services as ExpressVPN, Private internet Access, PureVPN etc are best in their services and security. They keep your activities and data secure. Therefore, a mix of feature and privacy makes these services best for all due to their affordable rates.