How To Unblock Hulu Plus with Best Smart DNS

Hulu Plus is an online web-based videostreamingchannel that provides you the perfect taste and flavor of your entertainment. It’s not only provides you a big collection of video, but also you get a wide range of documentaries, trailers and movie collection. On Hulu Plus, you will get a huge number of breathtaking movies, TV shows, trailers that you can also browse by following each category and in different categories you can enjoy wondrous and unaccountable drama, reality shows, comedy, action, science fiction, game show, cooking show, music, sports, video games and lots more.

But the most regretful matter is that if you are residing out of the US, you can’t enjoy these overwhelming collection.Best SmartDNS for Hulu and Hulu plus can be the perfect choice for you over the VPN to access HULU Plus. Let’s see why SmartDNS is more appropriate for Hulu and Hulu plus.

3 Best Smart DNS Provider For Unblock HULU Plus:


 How to Unblock Hulu Plus, using SmartDNS or VPN?

You can watch all content of Hulu and Hulu plus simply subscribing to a SmartDNS or VPN services. But, in the recent time, many VPN users have complained about the connectivity issue of VPN services for the Hulu plus. Actually, instantly Hulu plus has blocked the use of VPN services for streaming their video channels. But still you can unblock Hulu plus using the SmartDNS. Both of SmartDNS and VPN services have their own pros and cons. SmartDNS functions on some selected websites where VPN can work on all other websites.

But if you a need a proxy service only for the purpose of video streaming of geo-restricted channels, thn best SmartDNS forHuluis theright option for you. Moreover, if it is the matter of unblocking Hulu Plus, then without any hesitation- just pick the Best SmartDNS for HULU.

Why is Hulu Plus not watchable outside of US?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to get access on Hulu plus to watch all their TV shows and movies from the outside of the US. There is an appropriate reason behind this restriction. Actually, all programs of Hulu Plus what they make watchable to their subscribers vary from region to region and these programs have particular region license permission. So Hulu Plus only broadcasts their content where they have streaming rights.

For this above rationality, Hulu plus has imposed “Geo-restriction” technology over its content and this technique limits the access of other regions people to Hulu plus. When people from the outside of US try to stream the videos, their IP addresses are identified by using “‘IP Identification” technique and restrict them to watch the amazing content of Hulu plus.

 How to unblock Hulu plus in Canada?

You can easily unblock Hulu plusin Canada by using a reliable SmartDNS service on your devices. It will mask your original location and the Hulu plus servers will think that you reside in the US. So ultimately you will be able to watch all the content on Hulu and Hulu plus that are only available in the US. You just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up with the most reliable SmartDNS proxy service that helps you to get access Hulu plus from Canada and other regions of the world outside of the US.
  2. Download the software of SmartDNSand install it on your desired devices. Next make the connection by selecting a server in the US that is nearest to your location. You can easily install the SmartDNS proxy on most of the platforms and devices including desktop, MacBook, laptop, Smart TV, Smartphone, Amazon Fire TV,Roku, PS3 and PS4, Xbox, Chrome cast, Apple TV, Gaming sole etc.
  3. Now, just go to and watch your all favorite movies and TV shows in HD platform without compromising the internet speed.

 How to Unblock US Hulu plus on Apple TV

You can easily watch Hulu plus on Apple TV using SmartDNS service since Apple TV supports SmartDNS proxy services. Now just follow the below instructions to get access Hulu plus on Apple TV.

  1. At first you have to go on the “Settings” option on your Apple TV, then select “General” and again press on “Network”.
  2. You must have to setup your Wi-Fi connection by putting the password. Then when you go to “Network” option, select Wi-Fi for the wireless network.
  3. Now go to the “Configure DNS” option and choose “Manual” and insert the DNS code that is given by your SmartDNS proxy service. From the Network page, be sure that your inserted DNS code exists.
  4. For the purpose of confirming thatUS apps of Hulu plus exist on your Apple TV, you need to alternate the location ofiTunes. So go to “Settings” option again and choose “iTunes Store” from “General” tab.Then go to “Location” button and choose “United States”.
  5. Again press “Settings” button and click on “Sleep now”.
  6. Now unplug the power cord of your Apple TV and wait for a few seconds.
  7. Again, plug the cable cord and now you are ready for the next step.
  8. Now create a Hulu plus account as a US resident. But there is one issue will be created about the usage of American credit card. Without an American credit card, Hulu plus will not accept your account. To solve this problem you can use the prepaid US credit cards.
  9. Now you are ready to enjoy all content of Hulu plus without any boundaries and using the same SmartDNS configuration you can stream online video channels from other regions of the world.


Without any doubt, it can be stated that Hulu plus offers you an opportunity to enjoy a big bundle of latest and exclusive TV shows and movies at your convenient time. But this treasure was hidden to you until you have set up a best SmartDNS for Hulu. Now SmartDNS makes you enable to stream all content of Hulu Plus in HD quality on your desired devices without any interruption.