How to watch YouTube in China?


how to watch youtube in china

YouTube is one of the top video sharing platforms of the world, you can find thousands of videos on various categories and even you can easily share your own videos with the world, and now it the second largest video search engine in the world. Millions of people visit YouTube daily for their required videos, movies, songs, documentaries, TV serials etc. but unfortunately it is blocked in China due to many reasons as Chinese government strictly blocks all the foreign content and have produced the Chinese version of YouTube that is called Youku Tudou, but millions of foreigners and even Chinese people are fan of YouTube but can’t access it in China due to difficulties in content licensing and complexities in China, but don’t worry for all people who love YouTube but living and working in China and can’t access it we have brought here the solution to unblock YouTube in China by using a VPN, some top VPN services to unblock it in China or from anywhere in the world are listed below.

5 Best VPN For Unblock YouTube In China 2017:


Unblock YouTube in China with a VPN

If you are an expat working in living in China or you have to move to China for your work or for any other inevitable reason then you must be worried about your leisure time entertainment because all the foreign websites, google services are blocked by Chinese government, they claim they do it for the security of their internet network so to keep all the hackers and spammer away from their internet world, but this is just not the case. The Chinese government doesn’t want the dominance of any other country’s culture that can be easily adopted by its people with the in-depth roots of entertainment media like TV shows, movies, videos etc. They believe in conserving and preserving their very own cultural values and language, cut short the story they want to stand out and don’t want to mingle with the western world. We are so glad that we have the technology of VPNs that can help us get rid of such situation and let us access our favorite videos search engine and most popular video sharing platform YouTube. When you search for a VPN to unblock YouTube in China you may come across with many confusing results and lists of VPN, but let me tell you not any random and ordinary VPN can bypass the most sophisticated and advanced security system The Great Firewall of China, only some dedicated and optimized VPN services for China can do this for you and that is why we have listed above in the table some top VPN to watch YouTube in China.

Best VPN to Watch YouTube in China

Chinese government use highly advanced and sophisticated security barrier, “The Great Firewall of China’ to block all the foreign content which is monitored by thousands of volunteers all the time and if you use any ordinary or free VPN service chances are you can bypass the security shield of Great Chinese Firewall as these volunteers periodically block all VPNs who use old technology and who simply don’t have the capability to battle off this great security system of China, so for that you need a China VPN that we have listed above in the table which has the following features;

  1. Dedicated and optimized for China
  2. Many strong and stable servers near China e.g Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc. or Western Coast city of United States,including San Francisco, Los Angeles etc.
  3. High-end encryption level
  4. No log keeping policy
  5. Support all VPN Protocol like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP
  6. Must provide SSTP as it the most important and secure protocol in China which let you enjoy uninterrupted access to all the blocked content in China
  7. Dynamic shared IP Addresses

How VPN Works to Unblock Youtube in China?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a security software which creates a tunnel between your computer or device and VPN server bypassing your internet connection and all the internet data transfer through this encrypted tunnel is secure and can’t be intercept which means you get 100 % anonymity while browsing. A VPN also hides your original IP address and replace it with any fake IP address which can be chosen from the list of server countries of the VPN service and by this you can access blocked content from anywhere. For instance to unblock YouTube in China you need an IP of any location near to China like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan etc. and after that when you access YouTube in China you will easily get the access, as your IP address will no more a Chinese IP and the Chinese security shield can only block all Chinese IP address to connect to foreign content. Powerful, isn’t it ?

Benefits of using a VPN to Unblock YouTube in China

When you use a VPN to unblock YouTube in China you got the power to access all the blocked content from this strict internet region i.e China. You can also avail the following benefits when using a VPN;

  1. Your internet is protected, which means all your internet activities are encrypted
  2. VPN keep you safe from hackers, spammers, and other snoopers
  3. You can access all the streaming channels and other blocked foreign websites easily
  4. You can download files anonymously via torrents

Steps to Unblock YouTube in China

Now you are completely aware how to watch YouTube in China, let’s get started and follow these few simple steps to start watching your favorite video sharing website YouTube in China;

  1. Choose a VPN service from the table given above and sign up for the service
  2. Install the required VPN App according to your device and complete the setup
  3. Sign in the VPN App by entering the credential emailed to you by the chosen VPN provider
  4. Select the server from the list of VPN servers, then go back to the browser and now you can access YouTube in China without any hassle.


Undoubtedly China is a tough and strict internet region and all the foreign websites and content in blocked in China, but still, million of people and organizations in China use a VPN service optimized for China to access everything in China. Our team of experts has already tested the above-mentioned services from several locations before recommending it to you and we are confident that you will now easily access all the blocked websites and services in China.