How VPN overcomes geo restrictions on Netflix USA?

Although the Internet is an open network without borders, we often find ourselves in certain geographical locations where various websites particularly those streaming movies and TV shows such as USA Netflix is prohibited or USA catalog is locked and in accessible. “This service is not available in your country” is typically the message that you see and is frustrating every time you find it.

Netflix is blocking access to subscribers using a VPN service to bypass geographic barriers, according to a report of the site Torrent Freak. The site mentions that the reaction to block VPNs users is another effort driven by their strong will to ensure that regional licenses are respected and that the catalogs are different in each country. So far, Netflix has a different catalog for each country, since the licenses granted by the owners of the films or series do not apply to everyone.

But these restrictions are based on technology and therefore there are technological solutions available that we can use to skip these geographical restrictions easily and simply.

VPN allows you to access USA Netflix Catalog

Some users use VPN services to skip Netflix geographical barriers and to see a USA catalog of films and TV series. For example, a user of Netflix in Mexico can use a service like this to access blocked content in Mexico and watch what Netflix offers for users in USA. The VPN services modify the network configuration using technology in a way that your computer location changes showing that you are not in Mexico but in a USA region and therefore Netflix allows you to access USA catalog.

We conducted a number of tests with numerous different VPN services to see if the use of these services, in fact, was being blocked by the streaming service. With physical location in Mexico, but configuring network through VPN and using an IP of a USA State, we successfully managed to access and watch American catalog, instead of Mexican.

While all tests were successful, Torrent Freak mentioned that Netflix is gradually blocking various VPN services. According to the report, the TorGuard service is one of those affected. The service itself informed the site that users began reporting service failures since. Still there are some VPNs that you can use to access USA Netflix.

Also TorGuard told Torrent Freak that users could jump the blockade affected simply by changing the IP address, however, they suggested that this blockade was made as a test for blocking future larger scale and permanent attempts.

A service spokeswoman revealed that company policies related to VPN services remain the same. This is because when VPN users access USA catalog company policies related to border restricted content are violated. To avoid this, using preventive measures are just industry standards.

How VPN skips Restrictions

Like any other streaming service in our region we can enjoy USA Netflix with USA catalog through a VPN that enable us to skip geographical restrictions, by using a inter identity. An internet identity is the IP address that we use while accessing to any website.  This identity contains our geographical location. A VPN assigns us a USA IP address and detecting a USA IP Netflix USA gives us access. In my case I use Express VPN, which is paid service yet worth the money spent.

What does this mean? Netflix is present in several countries other than USA such as Canada, Mexico, UK, etc. All have similar content and exclusive content for each region, and most importantly: if English is not your thing, you can select the region of Mexico and see shows and movies subtitled in Castilian. The language can also put it in Castilian, but it’s not dub Spain but Latino, quite different from the national dubbing.

Express VPN gives you excellent service with high speed, allowing other servers and locations besides USA and thereby giving you access to websites that are blocked in your location and not belong to USA.