Alleged KickAssTorrents Site Owner Remains In Custody, Court Rules

The Court of Appeals in Poland that was hearing the case of alleged Artem Vaulin, owner of KickAssTorrents, has denied the petition for bail and order that Vaulin will remain in custody. The court deems the accusations of the United States government ‘reasonable’ to keep Vaulin in custody, thereby, refused his request for supervised release.

In July, law enforcement officers in Poland arrested Artem Vaulin, who’s been facing prison time ever since.

The Ukrainian citizen Artem Vaulin was arrested on behalf of the U.S. authorities who are looking to extradite him in the court. According to the indictment of Grand Jury, alleged Vaulin is the brain behind popular torrent search engine, the KickAssTorrents.

The Vaulin’s defense disprove these claims and branding it as ‘secondary copyright liability‘ that is a matter civil court and not the criminal, thereby, requested the U.S. federal court to dismiss the entire case. At the same time, the defense has been trying to release Vaulin out from prison on bail.

The case heard in front of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, Poland, but the outcome was disappointing for the defendant, Artem Vaulin. The court has ruled that Vaulin should remain in custody in the course of extradition proceedings.

The defense disagrees with the result and argues that he should be released during extradition hearing. They question how come the crimes alleged by the U.S. authority applies under Polish law?

They stress that their client is in need of medical care, possibly a surgery for a spinal hernia that he’s suffering. Vaulin is willing to hand over his documents and passports and remains in Warsaw if required, and agree to be released under police supervision.

Citing the fear of complications that could happen in the course of extradition proceedings, the court concluded that Vaulin would remain in custody.

According to the Judge Marzanna Piekarska-Drążek, there are not enough valid reasons not to extend the detention, and the evidence provided by the U.S. law enforcement authorities is ‘sufficient’ to warrant such decision.

Furthermore, the health issues cited by his defense have considered as not much of severity, and the court noted that he could get the medical care he needed while in custody.

Artem’s counsel, Tatiana Pacewicz, seems disappointed by this result and believes that her client’s rights have been violated and looking forward to referring the case to Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

There is news that the U.S. defense team of Artem Vaulin is not allowed to meet him so that they could prepare his defense. Meanwhile, the Polish authorities are sharing the evidence with U.S. authorities without any due process.

The extradition hearing is scheduled for later dates of this month; the news of progress is expected to update soon.