Best Kodi VPN Services for UN Restricted Access To All Shows!

Eager to watch that favorite Rio Olympics 2016 or Netflix on Kodi in Geo-Restricted environment? Trying to bypass restrictions? Try no more! Kodi VPN service does it for you. This guide is all you need to know about Kodi VPN. Our suggested VPN services are ready to install on, you name it: Kodi, Android TV, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Apple OS etc.

So, what is Kodi and why do you need a VPN for? Kodi (formerly XBMC) is an award winning free and open-source media player software program developed by the XBMC Foundation. It is a popular alternative to its competitor Windows Media Center for Home-Theater PC (HTPC). Kodi is available on diverse platforms with a robust software user interface customisable to user needs and allow them to play, view & stream digital media like games, movies, music, pictures from their local network storage and the internet.

Kodi is rich in features and allows greater flexibility and innovation through its add-ons, which allows users to stream media content from popular services like Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix , Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify etc. But unfortunately Kodi like other platforms is prone to geo-restrictions, and majority Kodi users are not able to access content of different regions. VPN on Kodi or XBMC VPN allow users to bypass these restrictions and provide seamless access to their favorite digital content.

How does Kodi VPN works?

VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests it creates a virtual network which acts as an encrypted tunnel, thus providing you untraceable and unrestricted internet access in most safest way possible.

Not only you disappear online but it gives you the freedom to access the web without restrictions as it was supposed to. VPN provides ISPs surveillance bypass, geo-restriction bypass and torrenting.

Where to find best VPN for Kodi?

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How to install VPN on Kodi device?

By default, Kodi media player software does not come with a built-in VPN support option. But, due to its open source nature we can install third party add-ons (unofficial add-ons) to gain endless content. OpenVPN add-ons allow you to access Kodi through a VPN service. To install the openVPN add-on follow the following steps:

Fusion Installer for third-party Kodi addons:

Fusion installer is a link to between Kodi media player third-party and Kodi add-on server to access all the best add-ons for Kodi. You need to configure fusion installer before installing any add-ons. It takes few minutes to install fusion installer to experience great add-ons available.

  1. go to the “File manager” option below the “SYSTEM” menu.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.32.58-PM
  2. Select “Add source” option.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.06-PM
  3. A window will pop-up, select the box marked “<None>” in the field “Enter the paths of browse for the media locations”.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.09-PM
  4. Type in “” (without quotes), and click “Done” button.Screen-Shot-2014-09-04-at-12.52.22-AM
  5. Under the “Enter a name for the media Source” field, type in “fusion” (without quotes), and then click “Done” and “OK” at the bottom window. You’ll see that “fusion” is now listed in “File manager” window. Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.22-PM Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.27-PM
  6. Return on main window menu, then move to the “Settings” option in the “SYSTEM” menu.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.35-PM
  7. Select “Add-ons” option from the list.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.38-PM
  8. Click “Ok” on “First run help…” prompt.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.40-PM
  9. Select “Install from zip file” from the list.Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.43-PM
  10. Select “fusion” folder within the list. Screen-Shot-2014-06-23-at-3.33.45-PM
  11. You’ll now have access to folders from which you can install Kodi add-ons.

Installing OpenVPN add-on:

  1. Go into the “fusion” folder and click on “XBMC-Repos”.
  2. If prompted for language, select your desired language.
  3. Select add-on “” from the list, wait for “Add-on enabled” prompt. .
  4. Click on “Install from repository” and then select “MetalKettles Addon Repository” to install it.
  5. Return to main menu and navigate to “Programs” and select “add-ons” again. This time you will have to install 2 add-ons.
  6. You’ll see the “OpenVPN” & “VPN for OpenELEC” add-ons for Kodi VPN installation, select and install these add-ons respectively until prompt “add-on” enabled.

Connecting to VPN:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to  “Programs” and select “add-ons”. Select “VPN for OpenELEC” to launch.
  2. Select “Setup VPN”
  3. Select your VPN service provider from the list and click continue.
  4. Enter your VPN “Username” & “Password” and click OK.
  5. Return to the “VPN for OpenElec” main menu and select “Configure VPN”
  6. You will see a list of VPN servers now, select the best and nearest one to you.
  7. You’ll be prompt up on successful connection.
  8. Return to the program main menu and select “check my ip”
  9. If you see the masked IP, it means you have successfully established a Kodi VPN connection.


How to install Kodi VPN on Windows/OSX/Linux:

Installing VPN on your OS is simple as 3 steps install, select, and connect.

  1. Login to the client page of your desired VPN service provider and download the client file.
  2. Enter your credentials, select the suitable server from the list, and click on “Connect”.
  3. Open your Kodi media player software and enjoy unrestricted content.

How to add channels on Kodi

Kodi add-ons provide access to hundreds of popular channels like Netflix on Kodi (NetflixXBMC), BBC, HBO or sports channel showing Rio Olympics 2016 on Kodi for entertainment. After successfully establishing the secure connection on Kodi VPN you can now access the geo-restricted channels to add them to Kodi. To access these channels follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your Kodi media player.addchannel1
  2. Navigate to “Videos” on the main menu and select “add-ons” under it.addchannel2
  3. Click “Ok” on “First run help…” prompt.addchannel3
  4. An add-ons menu will appear, click “Get more” and proceed.addchannel4
  5. select and click on your desired channel from the list.addchannel5
  6. “Add-on information” box will appear, select “Install” from the options.addchannel6
  7. You’ll notice the “enabled” word appears on the channel you just installed.addchannel7
  8. Click on the channel in the list again to activate it.addchannel8
  9. Return to main menu and navigate to “Videos” and then “add-ons” to access the contents of installed channel.addchannel9


Kodi plays in the major league of entertainment software industry taking competition to well known entertainment service providers. Its open-source platform give it an edge over other software, to mention specifically, is its endless third party add-ons installation, high customization, and Live TV/PVR recording. When it comes to such service, geo-restrictions are imminent, and Kodi VPN handles these restrictions while offering premium online security and internet privacy.