Streaming Piracy Prevention

Cisco’s New System To Shut Down Illicit Streaming Automatically

Cisco has announced that it has developed a mechanism to track down and disable live pirate streaming of copyrighted material.

Cisco calling it as “Streaming Piracy Prevention” system will use a forensic watermarking feature to disable real-time streaming without the need to send notices or seek the cooperation of third-parties.

While Torrenting that remains the popular choice of the distribution network for sharing copyrighted content (pirating), the online streaming of pirated contents has gained popularity. It is viewed as a threat to PPV TV and subscription providers globally.

Currently, anti-piracy agencies track down these streaming and send notices to the hosts distributing that content, and these hosts take the time to remove the content or does not remove at all, ignoring the notice.

Cisco claims it has found a solution to such problems via his (SPP) Streaming Piracy Prevention platform that takes down illicit streaming material automatically without the need of sending notices.

Cisco explains in its blog, “The process is fully automated, ensuring a timely response to incidents of piracy. Gone are the days of sending a legal notice and waiting to see if anyone will answer; SPP acts without the need to involve or gain cooperation from any third parties, enabling an unmatched level of cross-device retransmission prevention and allowing service providers to take back control of their channels, to maximize their revenue.”

Cisco has partnered with Friend MTS (FMTS) – a global provider of channels, platforms, and content protection – to use their respective technologies at work.

Friend MTS shared its infographics of streaming analysis, “over 12,000 unique instances of HD channels on pirate services, being sourced from Pay TV service providers around the world. Expand this to SD resolution, often targeted at mobile devices, and the number increases to over 22,000 channels. With almost no operator is exempt, content is being sourced from the smallest to the largest Pay TV providers in the market.”

Cisco being a giant and efficient company claiming such a technology is unprecedented, however, it remains to be seen that how much both companies would be able to take down illicit streaming effectively.

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