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Time Warner Cable Threatens Pirates With Account Termination

Time Warner Cable has added modifications and clarifications in its copyright infringement notifications. Apart from warning pirates of “mitigation measures” in the Copyright Alert System; among many others, it has now added a “measure” for persistent pirates of the risk of losing their internet connection. Little known a year before, but the US Copyright Alert

123Movies And Similar Sites Adds To The UK Piracy Ban List

The new orders from U.K. High Court has added dozens of new U.K. “pirate” websites in country’s unofficial block-list. The new orders passed on the request of Motion Picture Association that requires ISPs to block various streaming portals including The UK’s block-list of websites that facilitates copyright infringements is getting more longer. In the

Popular ‘Piracy’ Streaming Website Sued In U.S. Court, a new popular website which attracted more than a million users since its introduction earlier this year, has met its demise few months after copyright owners came knocking its doors. Philippine media ABS-CBN is suing the streaming service in a U.S. federal court. Pirated video streaming websites are emerging more as one goes

Polish Police To Seize Thousands Of Computers Over Movie Piracy?

Copyright trolling is a matter of civil courts but in Poland, matters have escalated beyond reproach. Reports are that Poland’s police reached hundreds of home and seized their computers alleged to have shared a copyrighted movie. It is said to increase up to 40,000 affected people. Poland that is already entangled in a popular case

Cisco’s New System To Shut Down Illicit Streaming Automatically

Cisco has announced that it has developed a mechanism to track down and disable live pirate streaming of copyrighted material. Cisco calling it as “Streaming Piracy Prevention” system will use a forensic watermarking feature to disable real-time streaming without the need to send notices or seek the cooperation of third-parties. While Torrenting that remains the