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Time Warner Cable Threatens Pirates With Account Termination

Time Warner Cable has added modifications and clarifications in its copyright infringement notifications. Apart from warning pirates of “mitigation measures” in the Copyright Alert System; among many others, it has now added a “measure” for persistent pirates of the risk of losing their internet connection.

Little known a year before, but the US Copyright Alert System is persistent in taking serious measures against copyright infringement.

The ‘strikeout’ of losing the internet connection was the idea in ‘six strikes,’ which was sought three years ago to prevent piracy but rebutted and legal action was praised.

The main idea of ‘six strikes’ was to educate people, inform people who’re connection is being used for piracy, and possible legal alternatives. The ISPs and copyright holders made it clear that no one will face permanent connection cut. At least, not under the alert program itself.

However, still, Time Warner Cable has decided to update their copyright alerts and discourage people who continue to violate copyrights, with a warning of potential loss of internet subscription.

The following paragraphs have been included in Time Warner Cable’s copyright alert notification.

“In addition, in accordance with our acceptable use policy, your internet service may be subject to termination at our sole discretion if we continue to receive credible allegations that your internet connection has been used to share copyrighted content without permission of the copyright owner.”

The notification explains that the account termination may lead to the loss of email account at ISP and other third-party services such as Netflix that uses the internet connection.

“Note that the termination of your internet service may also result in the loss of any Time Warner Cable provided email addresses; other services accessible via your Time Warner Cable high-speed data service, such as Wi-Fi, Roku, IP Video, Over-the-Top content, etc.; and other third party provided services you receive that are internet reliant (for example, the internet accessible third party phone services).”

What compelled Time Warner Cable to implement such a measure? Even if the standard Copyright alert policy hasn’t changed. Without official statements, it is open to speculations only.

The news is that this might be because of the lawsuit between BMG v. Cox Communications, where the defendant Cox Communications failed to implement ‘repeat infringer policy’ and was fined of $25 million in damages. The case is still under appeal.

Also, various copyright holders are turning up the pressure to reduce their damages, for instance, MPAA submitted their comments in front of US Copyright Office that “requirement that service providers terminate repeat infringers is critical.”

Currently, in the U.S. it is still uncommon for ISPs to cut internet subscription of infringing subscribers, and argues that it is the matter of court to decide whether someone can be stripped-off from such essential service.

There is no doubt about that these repeat infringers will be part of discussions and despite the facts Time Warner Cable hasn’t been seen as disconnecting the internet subscription of any user.

You can read the example of full alert here.

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