Secure VPN – Whom Does It Protect You From?

Meanwhile, you are surfing the internet and connecting to websites on the world wide web. Your internet connected devices are communicating with a network of servers in the form of data packets – which if not encrypted and secured – becomes accessible by your internet service provider, law enforcement agencies, and third-party stakeholders; who can record, monitor, and manipulate your data. A secure VPN helps you prevent just that, it protects your data communication with state of the art encryption.

Core Functions Of Secure VPN


Secure VPN uses state of the art 256-bit AES encryption algorithm which is equivalent to bank-level security with the help of strong security protocols including OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and even PPTP. It creates an encrypted impenetrable tunnel to transfer your data between your computer and the internet so that no one access it.


The encryption scrambles your transferring data in a coded and meaningless form which becomes unreadable for anyone trying to force its way into your data. Also, when you connect one of the secure VPN servers, it cloaks your original location and IP address with its own, thus making you appear from a different location. The scrambling of data and cloaking your place gives you complete anonymity.

Secure VPN Does Not Log Or Share Your Data

What does it mean by “Keep Log”? Keeping a log simply mean that someone is keeping tabs on your internet activities with timestamps; which site you accessed, whom did you message and their email addresses, what you downloaded, your location, in short, your every single click leading to different links on the internet. If your data is not encrypted your internet service provider and the third-party agencies can keep tabs on you where ever you go or whomever you talk.

Secure VPN neither logs your data and nor it let anyone from tracking you. Some VPN providers under the influence of law enforcements or on moral grounds share your data with them when requested. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure of it before buying a VPN. Also, some VPN service providers keep “connection logs” these logs are necessary for them to keep their servers in check, because users constantly keep on connecting, re-connecting, and disconnecting, and switch servers.

Secure VPN Protects You From…


Corporations can track your location when you visit their websites. They can use your location for price discrimination and charge higher prices. By changing your location, secure VPN elevates this discrimination and provides uniformity across the globe.


Hackers are the dilemma of the internet. Hackers can easily infiltrate unsecured internet networks and steal your information to manipulate and use it in harmful ways. By changing your location and encrypting your data with strong encryption algorithms it makes it difficult for hackers to find your location or decrypt your data.


Governments, nowadays seem to monitor every single person on the entire earth under the umbrella of “national security.” It sabotages the user rights of privacy and encryption advocates are taking on the government to maintain human rights of privacy. By encrypting your internet traffic, it makes it nearly impossible for government agencies to keep tabs on your activities.


Secure VPN is a trustworthy companion to protect you on the internet from such actors in disguise from misusing your information against you. You can select the best VPN service providers from this list, which are customer oriented and does not jeopardize your privacy by protecting your rights.