How To Setup A VPN On Smart TV/Apple TV

If you are finding the right answer to your questions, “Can I use a VPN on my Apple TV?” OR “How I can use a VPN on my Smart TV?” both have the same answer “Yes”. If I spread this answer it can be bit complicated but informative for you to enjoy VPNs on your Smart TV through different resources, because there is not a way to use VPN directly on Smart TV whether it is LG, Samsung, Apple or any other Smart TVs. Therefore, you can run VPN only if you share VPN connection to your device. It is a simple way to connect VPN on your Smart TV from different methods.

Apple TV is capable of allowing you to convert your HD-TV to regular use as a Smart TV. You can see numerous  online videos, latest movies, TV shows, foreign channels, music,  games, news and a lot of more on your Apple TV just by achieving popular streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Hulu, CNN Go, ESPN and so on, but unfortunately, these streaming / pre-installed apps are geo-restricted and are only available in their own countries. Anyway, don’t worry all about it! It is obligated to use a VPN for your Smart TV.

How to use a VPN on Smart TV/Apple TV?

You often heard that it is something tricky or might be a bit tough to setting up an Apple TV but here I’ll share some simple and quick way to Setup VPN on your Apple TV.

Since you have selected compatible VPN for your Apple TV, the next step is to setup it on your Apple TV. As I already told that Apple TV can’t run a VPN directly, so you might choose one of the following option listed below:

  1. Setup VPN via Router on Apple TV
  2. Setup VPN via Sharing Network on Apple TV
  3. Setup VPN via AirPlay on Apple TV

1.    How to Setup a VPN on your Apple TV by using a compatible Router?

One of the easiest and best ways to get a quality of content on your Apple TV is to setup a VPN with a Flash Router because it is specially designed for the home-use router. Flash Router is upgraded with the DD-Wrt quality of firmware that is capable of enhancing its networking quality. We will recommend you to use Flash Router because it is compatible with every type of device and also using best interface quality. So now, it’s not a matter to use a VPN service on your Apple TV and setting it up without any hassle. Follow these simple rules to configure it:

  1. Connect Ethernet cable with your flash router
  2. Open control panel of your DD-Wrt Router and go to “Basic Set Up” option
  3. Chose its “Connection Type” as a protocol to connect to your device
  4. In drop down menu mark a tick on “Use DHCP” for yes
  5. Do make sure you have entered the correct login credentials such as “username, password”
  6. Select the server address (provided by VPN service) and click
  7. Make sure, “Use DHCP” is enable after providing authentication details  (if it is not showing enable check the detail again or try again)
  8. “Save” the changing
  9. Scroll down the settings by clicking on the “Apply Settings”
  10. Your Apple TV is connected to the VPN try to run it and enjoy.

2.    How to setup a VPN on your Apple TV with Airplay?

Airplay is specially featured to support all the latest versions such as Mac and iOS (iPad, iPhone etc). If you connected Ethernet cable to your Apple TV, you can run your VPN connection directly from Mac and iOS devices by mirroring it on your Apple TV screen. So, now if you have any one of the iOS devices you can connect your VPN on Apple TV with Airplay.

  1. Go to the “Setting” of your Smart TV/Apple TV and turn on the “Airplay”
  2. Connect both devices (Apple TV & iOS device) with the same internet connection (which you are using or available in your home)
  3. Open the “Control Center” of the iOS device you are using and there will visible an option named by “Airplay” click on it
  4. By clicking the “Airplay” option, there will be visible the name of your Apple TV which you are using in your home, then click on it
  5. Turn on the “Mirroring”, it will show as “On” in green
  6. When both are connected, all the content of your iOS device will be shown on your Apple TV’s screen as well
  7. When the content prompt, you need to connect VPN with your iOS device as well
  8. After connecting to your VPN, you will be able to unblock or bypass any geo-restricted site and the sites will be running on your Apple TV.

3.    How to setup a VPN on your Apple TV via Network Sharing?

If you don’t want to configure your VPN service via router or Airplay, there is also another alternative way to get it, yes! You just have to configure VPN on Windows or Mac to use it on your Apple TV/Smart TV. Just go thoroughly:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” and open “Network and The Internet” option
  2. Click on the “View Network Status and Task”
  3. There will be visible an option, on the sidebar of your PC screen “Change Adapter Setting” then right click on the option and go to the “properties” option
  4. There you will find “Sharing” option and by clicking on it save the setting “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”
  5. Go to “Home Network Connection” and chose the connection location which is you are using such as wifi, wireless network etc.
  6. Mark the setting “Ok” and run the network on your Apple TV.