Setup VPN on (PS3 & PS4) With Wi-Fi, Windows & Mac

Are you seeking a way to “How to setup VPN on PlayStation (PS3 & PS4)” without buying a new router? Don’t look further; here I’ll share easy steps “how to share your VPN connection with WIFI, Windows7, Windows 8 and Mac”. Therefore, by using VPN on your PlayStation, you can stream any foreign site such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Vudu and any other channel that is geo-blocked and other channels available at your PlayStation store.

Setup VPN on (PS3 & PS4) Through Wi-Fi:

First of all, setup VPN with your Wi-Fi router and once your router setup and running VPN connection, you need to turn on your PlayStation 3&4 at Wi-Fi to connect with the router. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the main menu of PS3 &PS4
  2. Open setting page and click on “Network Setting”
  3. When you click on Networking setting you will find an option below “ setup internet connection” so click on it
  4. You will see a tab “Use Wi-Fi” click on it while clicking on the “use Wi-Fi” tab, it will ask about the method, so if you chose “Easy” method and it will run automatically scan your wireless connection.
  5. After scanning, click on the wireless connection of your router, if you have to select any password at your router, mention it.
  6. After filling your password, you will see an option, “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” click on it and save the setting.
  7. Run your connection and enjoy.

Connect VPN on (PS3 & PS4) through Windows 7-8:

If you want to connect VPN on PS3 & PS4 through windows, so here you will find an easy procedure to follow. Make sure all the instructional steps are done while connecting your VPN on PS3 and PS4. This procedure will be applicable at Windows 7 and Windows 8 to bypass every geo-blocked site and use the unblocked services as you were living in the same country by hiding your location. So, just follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your VPN windows software is running well and installed
  2. Use a cable and install second network card reader/adapter using the USB or crossover cable.
  3. Click on the menu button of your window’s left-hand side visible on the screen.
  4. Go to the “Control Panel”
  5. Once you open “Control Panel” you will see an option “Network and Internet” tab on it.
  6. There will be the first option named by “Network and Sharing Center” by clicking on it, there will be visible a list on the left-hand side of the screen and click on the “Change Adaptor Setting”.
  7. Firstly, you have to right click on the “Change Adaptor Settings” and then go to the “Properties” and click on the option “Sharing”.
  8. There you will find an option “Allow other users to connect with sharing through this computer’s internet connection” and mark this option in the box below.
  9. When you mark the option it will ask for choose anyone of the “home networking connection” it will allow you to take access on your VPN connection….then click the check mark.
  10. After this procedure, you have to go to “Setting” in the XMB Menu of the PS3 & PS4.
  11. In “setting” select “Network Setting” option there will prompt a “Setup Internet Connection” choose it.
  12. There will be visible an option “Use a lane cable” after clicking on this option, there will prompt another tab “Easy” when you will choose this option your VPN router connection automatically will be scanning the available connection.
  13. Mark on the “DO NOT USE A PROXY SERVER”
  14. Take a keen glance at the setting and save it.
  15. Run system and if you find any sort of unfilled or something problematic with the system, retry or resetting the connection as mentioned above.

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Setup VPN on (PS3,PS4) through Mac (Laptop/desktop)

First of all, you need to have a crossover cable to attach your laptop or MAC.

  1. Connect your PS3 & PS4 to MAC through cable
  2. After connecting to your PC or Laptop, you will see an option “system preference” below the page.
  3. When you tab at the option you will see an option named “sharing”, so you have to click at, after that there will visible “internet sharing” option. Just tab on it.
  4. There will open a dropdown bar, you will find “share connection from”, so there will visible three options, such as “Ethernet, wireless or airport” so you just have to choose one of these option whatever you have.
  5. Suppose if you have Ethernet connect, choose the option “to computer’s using” from its dropdown bar and click on “Ethernet” (only click on the connection which is available to you).
  6. Click on the “internet sharing” option, after that you will be able to connect your device to use internet. When you correctly able to connect or enable your connection, there will prompt that internet sharing is on and the tab prompt as green below the screen.
  7. Just connect it to VPN server, which you have. Therefore, by going on the XMB main menu and slip down the “setting” tab and choose “network setting”.
  8. Click on “setup internet connect” click on the visible prompt named by “use lane cable”, if there will ask to choose method way, click on the “Easy” method to continue without any hassle.
  9. “Easy” method is designed to scan available connection automatically for user’s ease.
  10. If it asks for proxy server, then click on the “do not use a proxy server” option and run the system after saving the setting.
  11. Let’s have a fun.

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