How to setup OpenVPN with Your Router

Whether you want to increase anonymity, want to take access at blocked video services, secured encrypt connection, awesome internet connection with finer tunnel to another country, affordable prices on software etc are all now accessible when you connect VPN to your router.

VPN is perfect whether you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop or traveling in the world. However, to set up a VPN, it’s essential to look at your internet uploading speed. Most of the internet connections provide you low uploading bandwidth, so to setup any VPN first consider about your internet uploading speed.

There are two types of VPN services “free of cost VPN services” and “paid VPN services”, so if you have low uploading bandwidth, I’ll recommend you may use paid VPN services to take a furtive access. There are myriad reasons to setup VPN services to your router. Therefore, before we dive in the configuration process, how to setup VPN with your router, let’s run through few things to consider before setup OpenVPN and after that you might configure it.

Consider Before Configuring OpenVPN Client to Router:

There are several router services, so it’s remarkably essential to check them before configuring. The router services such as Linksys and Netgear are best in configuring VPN but these are just like a server, not a client to access widely VPN’s myriad features. It’s essential to check its features before using because a VPN server can’t access far from to your home network. It will not helpful to make your network secure while far away to spy, chase or snoop you from somebody. As such, you really either need to purchase a VPN Client Router that supports your VPN out of the box in such endeavors.

So before setup VPN with router make sure, you have purchased a pre-built solution. You will find higher-end routers at VPN services, so you should look for a wireless router, which routes your VPN service as a client. Therefore, if you have Firmware Router, You can flash on to get better features.

 configure DD-Wrt Router With VPN

To configure ExpressVPN service on your DD-Wrt Router, you necessarily have to download OpenVPN setup/configuration file. There are:

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Two Types of Configurations

So follow these steps to configure your DD-Wrt Router with your OpenVPN:

  1. Configure VPN Router setup by visiting emailed link: sign up to ExpressVPN service, after that you will get a verification email. This email contains a link to follow for further activities, so click on the link it will take you to the download page.
  2. Configure VPN Router by signing the website if the link does not respond properly: If you are unable to follow up the link, you can log in to the website just by mentioning your email address and password.

1 Select OpenVPN Router and chose location:

When you will come to the download page, you will find an option “Linux and routers open VPN”. You will find a list of countries here, so select your choice location(s) where you want furtive access.

2 Web-browsing setting:

After selecting your location, you have to go to your web-browser then router’s “setting” page. You will get a default address there. Go to the control panel of your router setting and click on the “service” option. When you click on the “services” option, you will see a sub-option named “VPN”.

3 Enable .OVPN Client Setting:

In VPN option, you will see a form below. At the bottom of the form, you will see an option “OpenVPN Client” clicks on the “Enable” option. When you enable it, there will reveal a list where you need to make changes.

4 ExpressVPN Server Location & Key Configuration:

Copy the Server IP that you want to connect and paste these server locations in ExpressVPN keys. The security certificate keys are available at private internet connection; therefore, we can take access to these servers. Click on “save” tab. You will get a sub-tab “Apply Setting” so, by clicking on the option your VPN connection will be ready to run.

5 For verification, check the status before using:

Before running, your connection checks its status to verify its configuration authentication. By clicking on the “status,” you’d go to OpenVPN option. You will get setup detail filled in the list below, but if any form looks blank, you might refill it and retry it again.

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