Streaming Pirated Sites Vanishes From Google Searches

Several famous movies streaming pirate sites have entirely disappeared from Google’s search index. The list includes variants and streaming portal websites Fmovies and 123movies which have millions of users. Also, the famous Youtube-MP3 has also been taken down from Google’s search results.

For years various copyright holder groups have been trying to limit piracy on Google by demanding strict measures from Google. One of the suggestions included was to remove copyright infringing websites from the Google search results.

While Google has been rejecting such requests, however, famous pirate sites have ‘mysteriously’ removed from Google’s search index from past few days.


The removed list includes which is the recent popular streaming portal which allows users to watch pirated movies and TV-shows without any cost. Now the search results for does not list site URL any longer.


A search query for keyword Fmovies now lists – a non-official and unrelated site – at the top of search results.


The similar case has happened to 123movies, whose official variants and domains are no longer listed on Google searches. The search query for 123movies now lists at the top, which is operated by a different team.

Moreover, the problems didn’t stop there. The official Facebook page of 123movies was completely removed from Facebook as well.

Considering Google’s stance on the removal of pirate websites it is unlikely that it would start taking down pirate websites from its search index voluntarily. However, now it seems clear that something is not right from strategic point of view.


Also, the online YouTube to MP3 conversion tool ( has also removed from Google’s search results. The website was previously warned for violating the YouTube’s TOS. The website is currently sued by the major record labels, but the alleged site is not found guilty by the court.


YouTube-Mp3 has been the top search query for many conversion keywords, but this week it is no longer appears on Google at all. The Google has not come up with notification yet.

It is most likely that Google might have noticed them for any violation and removed them from the searches as a penalty, however, it remains a complete mystery for now. Also, there haven’t been any court order to conclude this explanation.

The removal of website from search results may have hurt their traffic, but the site is still indexed under different search engines such as DuckDuckGo and Bing. Users can alternatively use these search engines for their search queries related to such sites.