UK’s Digital Economy Bill Can Jail Pirates On ‘Reasons’

Digital Economy Bill

The Digital Economy Bill could send a copyright infringer for up to 10 years in jail time. How will the bill affect file-sharers? We take a look at the latest bill. At House of Commons, this week, the Parliament members debated the Report stage and Third reading of the Digital Economy Bill. The bill has … Read more

Time Warner Cable Threatens Pirates With Account Termination

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has added modifications and clarifications in its copyright infringement notifications. Apart from warning pirates of “mitigation measures” in the Copyright Alert System; among many others, it has now added a “measure” for persistent pirates of the risk of losing their internet connection. Little known a year before, but the US Copyright Alert … Read more

Popular ‘Piracy’ Streaming Website Sued In U.S. Court

fmovies, a new popular website which attracted more than a million users since its introduction earlier this year, has met its demise few months after copyright owners came knocking its doors. Philippine media ABS-CBN is suing the streaming service in a U.S. federal court. Pirated video streaming websites are emerging more as one goes … Read more