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How To Unblock Anything From Anywhere In this World With Best VPN Service

Whenever you travel abroad or want to access certain websites for your school or work project and you see a message says you cannot access that website because of the censorship policy in that region, this is a really frustrating situation and all the internet users around the world know the pain. Some countries have strict censorship policies like China, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. but sometimes any wrong content of the website that goes against the country political scenario or conflicts the religious or cultural norms can be a reason for the ban. However, in this technological era, we have a solution for almost everything so far.

By using VPN service you can unblock anything from anywhere in this world, VPN service allow you to access all the content which is currently blocked or not access full by Geo graphical restriction. Here are the list of 5 Best and fastest VPNs for it.

5 Best VPNs For Unblock Anything 2016


How to Unblock Anything by using a VPN?

With the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology it is easier yet safer for everyone to get rid of such annoying situations where you are desperately in need of accessing a website and you just can’t, because it is blocked in your country due to any reason, so now you can easily overcome such situations by using a VPN, just you have to follow certain step given below;

  1. First, you need to select a suitable and appropriate VPN service which will help you unlock anything and everything from anywhere in the world.
  2. After selecting the VPN service to unblock everything, you must sign up for its premium service and after that download and install the required VPN app as per your device for example VPN for Windows,  Mac,  Android,   iOS,  Linux, etc.
  3. Now after the installation process, run the app open it and select the right server of the country where the website you are trying to access is not banned or blocked (for e.g. in case of Netflix, you must select the US as your VPN server), and here you are once you are connected enjoy the freedom of surfing the internet restrictions free.

How to Select the Best Unblocking Tool?

This is the most important thing, the selection criteria for an unblocking tool, there are some proxies option as well and even you can get the results with them but remember two things; proxies are not safe and are prone to be attacked by cyber criminals like spammers and hacker  and even are not technologically advance and won’t unblock some tricky websites like Netflix and for instance, in China you can’t just rely on proxies they simply don’t work as the Chinese Firewall has strict filtering process. Here we have listed top VPN service providers which help you to unblock anything and everything from any region of the world.

How a VPN Works to Unblock Anything & Everything from Anywhere?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encryption tool which creates a secure tunnel between your computer and VPN server, bypassing your internet connection and transfers your internet data traffic through this tunnel which ensures maximum protection while surfing and browsing and keep all the spying and prying eyes away from you, and it also fakes your IP address to any country you want so you can get the easy and safe access to all the blocked content from anywhere in the world.

How to Unblock Netflix?

After the war between Netflix and VPN services it’s hard to believe that VPN can work on Netflix network, but let us tell you one thing not all VPN services are banned over Netflix, here we have selected and listed above the VPN services which are still active and work perfectly to unblock Netflix. So whether you are in a region where Netflix services have not reached yet or you have Netflix but the library is shorter than US Netflix, in both the cases you can unblock Netflix US from anywhere in the world. The process of unblocking the best streaming service in the world, Netflix is very easy with VPN, you open the VPN App and select the US server, no matter where you are, your IP address will be changed to US IP address and then you can get easy access to Netflix US shows and all the other Netflix US content with a super-fast streaming speed with high-end encryption of VPN service, (Remember: A legit subscription of Netflix is required in order to use VPN to access greater content media).

How to Unblock Social Media?

There are some regions in the world which block the major and most popular social networking platforms and web services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc. for certain censorship laws and complexities involved in content licensing A VPN in such countries is a relief for millions of people using the internet. For instance, if you are living and working in Chin you can’t simply access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc. as China not only blocks these websites but has very strict Firewall against all foreign content, but no matter how strict the censorship policy is, with VPN for China you can bypass such blocks and access all these top social networking websites in China or from anywhere in the world.

Can Free Services help to Unblock Anything and Everything?

Who doesn’t like everything good without paying a single penny, but that is not possible in the real world. When you google options to unblock anything from anywhere, you may come across with many free VPN or proxy options as well and that could be alluring to you, but before making your mind for getting a free VPN, note some points to consider regarding the adversities attached with a free VPN service;

  • All free VPN services keep a log of your internet activities without your knowledge and forward it to security and surveillance agencies to gain hard cash, insane, Isn’t it?
  • When you download any free VPN service you are vulnerable to get attacked by malware, viruses and worms that could be fatal for your device and the damage could be irreversible.
  • Free services come with a few very basic and insufficient VPN security and accessibility features that are a must for a VPN service.

Remember, when you don’t buy a product, then you are the product, most of the free VPN services sell you users activities, preferences etc. to the third-party companies without your knowledge in order to get the ads t earn money and run the free service you enjoy, so you see many ads pop up on your screen while using such free VPN which makes the service even worse.


In this article we have suggested you to use a premium VPN service to unblock anything and everything from anywhere in the world and discussed all the benefits of it and keep away from so-called free VPN services because of their side effects, now you have your free will you can choose whatever you feel and want to, but we feel really responsible for sharing the truth with you so you can take the right decision and can enjoy the internet with no blocks and restrictions.

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