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Why can’t you Access many Websites in the UAE?

There many websites that have no access permission from the UAE. These websites are included Israeli domains, politically sensitive content, different VoIP services, different parts of Wikipedia, many social networking sites and Skype. You can’t get the access of thesewebsites because the government of UAE think that they need to filter some websites before final

Best VPN for Canada in 2017

The illegal websites, licensing and other international laws as well as illegal pornography, Canada does not limit any website. Canada is liberal country, when it comes to restricting internet websites. But if you are internet user you may face many problems like everyone having around the world. The problems which may found around the world

Best VPN for UK 2017 – Unblock Favorite Streaming Channels

UK is only one country that follows EU Data Retention Detective strictly where more than 200 agencies and police authority has the power to access the database of ISPs. Moreover, The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which is a British security organization keeps their prying eyes on the activities of internet users more strictly than National