How to unblock Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube in china with Best VPN’s

I had travel to china last month and was really upset when I was unable to update my facebook status and it was really unable to share my photos with my friends and family because it was blocked. Not only in China but there are various countries like Iran, Vietnam, North Korea, Turkey and Eritrea where you will find restrictions on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora etc.

Here we will talk specifically about China’s restricted sites, when on 1st October, ahead of National day of people Republic, Chinese Government banned several sites due to its creaking down the regime and going down opponents in their political matters. Chinese Government didn’t want to show the political matters especially when demonstrators began to upload pictures and videos of the Central Hong Kong Police on facebook and Instagram while throwing teargas on demonstrators in Hong Kong.

Anyway, it is just motivational background information that is the main reason of restrictions on many sites in China, so skip this interesting news! Here we will learn HOW TO UNBLOCK FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE IN CHINA, not specifically these three, you can bypass all restricted sites wherever you are in the world just by kissing internet censorship to say goodbye by hiding your IP and this can happen only if a VPN configured with your iPhone.

China has extravaganza security on the internet and for this purpose; they tightened the security of several internet sites and channels. The regional authorities apply extra censorship on internet access that is called the Great Firewall of China. This censorship had blocked several websites for a limited duration and some are permanently banned. Although to take access at these restricted sites in china, VPN for facebook are best for internet freedom!

The discussion not finished at VPN for facebook to bypass sites because there are few VPN services those are unable to work in china and easily can be detected by Chinese censorship. DuckDuckGo is a privacy oriented search engine and that’s the reason China has blocked this site, they only allow search engines those have China’s regional servers. Therefore, to choose reliable VPN service with affordable rates you should wisely consider about its stability.

The blocked services and sites in China

Most of our works done around by the internet to obtain any sort of data or content from our favorite sites, so the key is to access these sites or bypass just by spoofing location and changing the IP address while staying in banned countries like China.

There are several resources, by which we can utilize internet freedom but these services and sites are restricted in China such as:

Blocked Online Google Services__ are Google+ China restricted Picasa, Docs, Youtube, and Drive.

Online Streaming Services__ are such as Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and many more.

Blocked Social Media Networks__ are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. (using a paid VPN for facebook is best in all to bypass or for spoofing your IP from China’s great firewall censorship or meanwhile, you can also use RenRen that is locally in use of Chinese).

How to bypass all these restricted sites in china

Middle of Kingdom has restrictions on various sites and services of internet destinations entirely and partially so it is making a problem for foreigners who went abroad and are unable to connect with their families, can’t access to their favorite channels and most of all you are unable to contact to your employees if you went china for business tour. Certainly, you don’t like, do you? So SEVERAL PROBLEMS AND ONE SOLUTION and that is only VPN SERVICE  SETUP on your device including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and all other devices.

VPN allow you to bypass any restricted site or service even you are in China or any other destination of the world. VPN’s simple terms allow you to facilitate its gorgeous services without any hassle and show yourself that you are another place like the US even you are physically living in China but your location will be changed and spoof your IP easily. There are few steps to configure VPN and bypass the Great Firewall Censorship of China:

  1. Choose most secure VPN service
  2. Start your plan (30 days money back guarantee)
  3. Setup VPN location to China and configure it with you smartphone, windows, MAC etc
  4. Your MOST SECURE VPN SERVER is connected to your device and now you can enjoy full internet freedom in China or can hide your head in any restricted country.

Your data will be encrypted by virtual private network and location will be changed so you can take access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Netflix and any one of your favorite sites with ease. A standardized and stable VPN service allow you to browse anything so quickly because it didn’t lower down the bandwidth and get properly fast access freely to any site.

Are you thinking when you should install VPN?

I’ll recommend you to Install your Virtual Private Network to your device before traveling to China but if you are nodding your head to install it when you will be in China, it will be problematic to install then because China blocked all Google services. You will not be able to open your Google play to install most secure VPN app into your device to configure it.

Is there any surety that VPNs are legal and secure?

Absolutely! Its 100% warranted that VPNs are not only safe and legal but also the best way to evade hackers or online chasers to be secured from harmful effects on your network and data. Therefore, it’s most important to avail a secured VPN connection while traveling to China or any other restricted spots such as Iran, Turkey, Vietnam where you find restrictions on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to use a VPN?

Always use a reliable and stable service to be facilitating from anywhere. So you can choose any one of our best VPN provider services or may Visit here to create an account. Enjoy the full freedom through our best VPNs.