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Best VPN For Android – Android VPN Apps Setup Guide *MAR 2017*

Cybercriminals Extra attention on Android When you are enjoying coffee sitting in a coffee house and using a public Wi-Fi network on your handy Android smartphone or tablet. But you may be tensed that is this open source connection safe for your handset? Usually, Android is considered as the most vulnerable and ill-protected device because

Best VPN For Mac OS X – For Top Security – 2017 Updated

Mac is a preferable operating system over others, simply because of its extra security. But actually for all purposes, is Mac OS X able to make you protected? In reality, the answer is ‘No’. Hackers and spammers are very strong and active. So when you go online, their snooping eyes always remain on your activities.

How To Setup A VPN On Smart TV/Apple TV

If you are finding the right answer to your questions, “Can I use a VPN on my Apple TV?” OR “How I can use a VPN on my Smart TV?” both have the same answer “Yes”. If I spread this answer it can be bit complicated but informative for you to enjoy VPNs on your

How To Setup A VPN Service On Xbox – Step-By-Step Guide

Xbox is one of the best and most popular products ever developed by Microsoft. Besides Windows (their notorious operating system), Xbox is definitely a fantastic idea that brings in millions of dollar each year and grows by creating new consoles and fun ways of enjoying online gaming with friends. Because not all countries practice the

How to setup OpenVPN with Your Router

Whether you want to increase anonymity, want to take access at blocked video services, secured encrypt connection, awesome internet connection with finer tunnel to another country, affordable prices on software etc are all now accessible when you connect VPN to your router. VPN is perfect whether you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop or