Will A VPN Service Slow Your Internet Speed?

There are several advantages of using a VPN service which include Anonymity, Security, accessing Blocked Websites, Torrenting links, etc. although all these advantages are provided by a VPN service yet all VPN services compromise speed of your PC as well as other devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. There are a number of factors that reduce the speed of your internet connection while using a VPN. Some of these factors also reduce speed even if you are not using VPN. Following is a list of these factors and suggestions how you can minimize the adverse effects of VPN on your internet speed.

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The Location of VPN Server

The first factor is the location of the VPN server that you are using or the location you choose (if it is allowed by your VPN service. The physical distance between you actual location and the location of the server you choose is the influencing actor. The greater the distance the longer it takes the data to route through the VPN and thus compromising the speed of transactions. Thus the simplest solution to this issue is to choose a VPN server that is nearest to your actual location. It does not compromise anonymity.

The traffic at the Server Location

It is also possible that the nearest VPN server to your location is not giving you the best speed. This is most probably because a huge number of users are accessing the same server location and therefore the machine is overwhelmed and thus keeping you waiting. Thus if you still face low speed after choosing nearest server try choosing another server location.

Changing VPV service

Now what if you have chosen a number of nearest servers to your actual location and still you are facing low speed. The reason behind this is simple there are huge number of people that are using the same service. Trust me there is a wide list of absolutely free VPN services that you can use. So if you are facing low speed simply switch to another VPN service. This will solve your problem immediately.

ISP Speed Limitation

One must never forget the speed limit offered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). If your connection is slow than VPN will probably make it slower even if you use the fastest VPN service. A high speed connection gives you a speed something between 1.5 Mbps and may go up to 30 Mbps. anything less than this range is a slow connection (mostly dial-up connections and 3G services are slow connections). The interconnection is also a significant factor and not to be ignored. For example if you are using a 50mbps connection and still facing slow speed than it simply reflects the fact that the interconnection between your ISP and VPN provider is poor.

The Speed of Processor

The processor of your device such as PC or laptop is also significant so keep updating your processors to enjoy high speeds.

Firewall Settings

Firewall settings of your PC also play a role in your VPN use. You must make sure that firewall settings are optimum for VPN services and VPN is flowing consistently. Although firewall settings do not directly affect the VPN yet they affect the processor speed and thus consequently compromise your internet speed.

Bottom Line

Using VPN could be very frustrating because of low speed and thus a smart user who chooses to use VPN should also know how to use it effectively otherwise VPNs compromises your speed so much that you probably want to stop VPN or choose to try paid VPN services.