How we work

Our process and earnings disclosure can receive commission on referred sales. This is also know as affiliate sales. Even though we receive commissions from some providers, we do not base our lists on this.
We actually list several VPN providers, which does not offer commissions for sales.

VPN companies cannot buy their way into our list – nor affect their ranking, with commissions.

Our review process

Instead of commissions, we focus on a narrow, but important aspect of VPN technology; Security.

In our reviews of VPN providers we test the following:

  • Logging policy (and proof hereof)
  • Kill switch
  • Server locations
  • Data encryption
  • VPN Protocol
  • Connection obfuscation
  • DNS leak protection

Important for any VPN service is also pricing, customer support and ease of use. Although these are considered in our final thoughts, they are secondary in our ranking decisions.

Do you have suggestions to our list?

We would love to hear from you if you believe that you have found the Most Secure VPN out there.

Get in touch via hi[a], and let us know!