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Best VPN For Netflix – 100% Working From Canada & Australia *MAR 2017*

If you are a great fan of Netflix’s TV shows and movies, but residing at the outside of the US, this time, you need the best VPN for Netflix. Because VPN is the best way to get access US Netflix from other regions. But at first, let give your look on that why Netflix imposes this restriction for the different countries except the US.

It’s very easy to access US Netflix From anywhere you want, you just need US Netflix Subscription and Fastest VPN connection which will allow you to choose US Server.

Here is The Simple Steps To Access US Netflix 100% working:

  1. Choose the best VPN for Netflix from the list
  2. Sign-up for chosen VPN (ExpressVPN recommended)
  3. Download the VPN app or software
  4. Connect to US Server (working servers are: Washington DC-2, New Jersey 1 & New Jersey 2)
  5. Start streaming Netflix

vpn for netflix Expressvpn

Best VPN For Netflix & Get Access US Netflix Form Abroad (Jan 2017)

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Here is the setup tutorial: YouTube

Why Do You Need to Access US Netflix From Other Regions?

It can be undoubtedly said that Netflix is one of the best video streaming service providers in the world and it has a vast collection of different flavors movies and TV shows. At every month, they are adding latest and exclusive TV shows and movies. But unfortunately, you may not be allowed to get access Netflix to watch all their TV shows and movies from the outside of the US.

You may think that what is the reason of this bias activity of Netflix? Do they like the US people more? Actually, the answer is not like that. All programs of Netflix what they make watchable to their subscribers vary from region to region because each and every program has different license permission. Moreover, Netflix chooses their programs by researching that what region’s people will like their program most.

How Best VPN For Netflix Helps:

Whatever, there is no reason to be gloomy because it’s just like a piece of cake that you can watch all TV shows and movies on Netflix. Only you need to subscribe the best VPN for Netflix and it will help you to make your location camouflage through the different IP addresses of their huge server locations. After that, you will get easy access to Netflix as a US subscriber and can enjoy all the Netflix’s program without any boundaries.

Now you may think which VPN service consider best for Netflix will give you the easiest access to US Netflix. In fact, there are a good number of VPN service for Netflix which makes you unable to access Netflix. But choosing a best VPN service provider, you need to concentrate on its fast speed and high-level security.

Geographical Restriction of Netflix Streaming:

Netflix programming varies depending on the country. If you’re located outside of the Americas or a selected few areas of Europe just like UK, Netherlands, and Scandinavia, you are not able to subscribe because of geographical restriction. Many of you already know that US-only content is generally regarded to be richer and varied; therefore, there is a high demand for having access specifically to Netflix USA.

A VPN allows users to remove all blocks and give you instant access to your all time favorite shows on the computer or table. No matter from where you belong but VPN is always there to access anytime from anywhere.

Which One Is The Best VPN For Netflix

So you may feel in trouble due to the availability of many VPNs in the market. In our choice and observation, we recommend some of the best VPN providers for Netflix. We focused on choosing the top VPN For Netflix US. All of the services that we carefully picked offer multiple US-based servers and this will come in depending on from where you are accessing.  In Europe users will find better streaming speeds when they are connected to USA’s east coast servers, while users in Asia or Australia would get better performance when get connected to California or other west coast endpoints.

How to Watch Netflix in Australia

It’s really very easy to watch Netflix in Australia. Within few minutes it enables you to connect Netflix from Australia; you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the best VPN for Netflix from the list
  2. Sign-up for chosen VPN
  3. Download the VPN app
  4. Start streaming Netflix

When you are connected with VPN, it appears as if you’re in US. It hides your original IP address and gives you an IP address of America. That enables you to easily connect it from Australia.

Here is how you can setup you router with best VPN for Netflix.

Access US Netflix From China

Although Chine has restricted different websites in their country like as Facebook, Twitter, but in the case of Netflix, this is not the same case. Actually, Netflix has the limited license to stream their content in very few countries. China is also that country where Netflix is not accessible.

But now it is so simple to get access US Netflix from China, without becoming a technical expert. You just need to subscribe a VPN service, and for that purpose, you can go with ExpressVPN since by this VPN you can easily access to the fast speedy server of US like as Los Angeles and Sun Francisco. After login on BufferedVPN, you can unblock US Netflix with it’s all movies and TV shows collection within a few minutes.

To get access US Netflix from China, just follow the below steps-

  1. After subscribing to the BufferedVPN, just download and install it on your Computer, TV or iOS devices.
  2. Then enter the login credentials that you have received from their team and choose a US server from their 100+ server location and watch your desired TV shows or movies on Netflix without any restriction.

Access US Netflix from Canada

You can easily unblock Us Netflix from Canada by using a reliable VPN service on your devices. It will mask your original location and the Netflix servers will think that you reside in the US. So ultimately you will be able to watch all the content on Netflix that is only available in the US. You just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up to the most reliable and appropriate VPN, e.g. NordVPN to get access US Netflix from Canada.
  2. Next, you have to download the software and install it on your devices. Then make the connection by choosing a server of the US and it is recommended that choose the US server that is closest to your location.
  3. Now open your browser and remove all your previous cookies and browsing history from your devices. Finally login to and enjoy lots of more TV shows and movies than before.

4 Easy Steps | How To Get American Netflix In Canada

Access US Netflix from Australia

Although Netflix is available in the Australia, but you have limited access to the content of Netflix comparing to the US Netflix. So if you want to unblock US Netflix in the Australia, you need to choose a trusted VPN service that will most suitable for accessing the US servers from the Australia. As an Australian you need to be connected to the server of California or other west coast city. From this perspective, you get better performance on NordVPN since they have server location in California. Now just go with the following steps to get access US Netflix from Australia.

  1. Subscribe to the particular package of IPVanishVPN and download it from their website.
  2. Then install and configure it in your desired devices and click on “Connect”. Enjoy and stream Netflix US with more options of movies and TV shows residing in the Australia.

Access US Netflix From other regions

If you are located on the outside of the United States and sign up for Netflix, you can’t get access to their entire content. Their “Geo-blocking” mechanism traces the IP address and identify the location and restrict the access if you are from the outside of the US. So if you want to get access US Netflix from other regions, VPN is the best option for you. But to select a throttling-free and buffering-free VPN service, you must have to be sure about the Numbers of the server, Number of countries, Number of IP Address and finally its Downloading and Uploading Speed.

To get access US Netflix from other regions, the world’s fastest VPN service provider NordVPN comes with such giant features of 700+ server locations and more than 200,000 IP addresses. So now, it becomes quite easy for you to unblock US Netflix with this large span of servers and the long list of IP addresses from anywhere in the world.

Netflix VPN App for Any Device

We also made sure to pick the fastest VPNs that can contentedly hold for gigabit port speeds and continuous video streaming. Each service offers to use their own custom desktop applications for Mac, Windows and they also provide mobile apps that will shorten the setup process on your iPad, Android Device or iPhone. The mentioned best VPNs have the ability to connect Netflix without any lacking.

Netflix Streaming with the Most Secure VPN

All the listed VPNs not only give smooth connectivity but they also secure user’s data. Are you currently using VPN to secure your connection? Or did you ever use VPN to prevent your device from hacking or online spamming? If not, then eventually in the future you would consider that how important to use the internet with a secure link is. VPN is commonly used wherever the sensitive data is downloaded/uploaded to the internet, we can say that VPN is as secure as it is used by banks for their ATM machine. A VPN works as an anti-malware. It tunnels the traffic and encrypts the data in codes and that codes can’t be decoded by anyone.


Best VPN for Netflix not just helps to give continuous access to Netflix content, but it also secures your personal data from being hacked. The sorted VPNs are considered as the best VPN for Netflix. You just have to choose and start surfing Netflix with top standard VPN Service of the world.


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