How To Download Torrents Anonymously (Safe Torrenting Guide)

Today fast changing technological advancement are shifting more towards cloud based storage. But, along with this dynamic change, people who loves sharing their digital media to their peers are facing strict storage limitations. Most of the well known storage providers, either limit the cloud storage capacity or charge high amounts for larger storage. Amidst of this shrouded cloud over people’s head, anonymous torrenting provides very efficient of sharing digital media at the cost of none.

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a term given to the sharing of digital media over torrent. Torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing platform, meaning any two peers are connected by means of a torrent file, sizing in just few KBs, which contains metadata (the information of the contents) and network locations ( trackers) of all the peers sharing the same file, thus elevating the need of cloud based storage servers. Today torrents are widely used for sharing large data files e.g. movies, music, games, software etc. (legal & illegal) with thousands of peers sharing that same file at the same time, giving popularity to the term “Torrenting”, or you might say “Anonymous Torrenting”.

While, this idea might sound great but on the bad side torrenting threats are inherent. From making your computer vulnerable to viruses to facing exposing your privacy and facing legal difficulties. In big news you may have seen KAT owner being arrested, right?

Here is the complete article on what is Torrenting and how it works

Why You Need Secure Connection For Torrenting?

If you get computer virus, Antivirus is here to handle it. But what about network vulnerabilities you are open to?

          – Unprotected network: a heaven for Hackers & ISP spies

When you share a torrent file, all the connected peer can see network locations (your IP address) tracking back to your home computer. When an ISP spy on you, not only they can see data of every website you visit but the data and every IP of the peers you are connected while torrenting. You can get warnings and legal notices, exposing your personal details and restrict your actions.

On the other hand, online hackers can access to the IP address of the peers connected and intercept to inject viruses and hijack the contents and personal information from your unprotected computer.

          – Legal Actions: one high fine & imprisonment awaits

Let’s face it, every corporation sweats and work real hard  to produce movies, music, software and other contents to reap the rewards and they don’t like their copyrights being violated. But still, copyright infringements are on high and some people love the internet free. If you get caught breaching the copyrights, you may get notices & legal notices by your ISP (acting on behalf of Copywriters). Penalties can be huge ranging from 10 years of imprisonment to millions of dollar.

These threats can be bypassed by an encrypted private network and an anonymous torrent VPN provide this solution, which helps you to download torrents anonymously.

How VPN helps With Anonymous Torrenting

VPN, refers to Virtual Private Network, which extends across the internet or public network, so  that devices (e.g. Laptops, PC) at remote locations can connect to that encrypted private network. A VPN is then created by establishing a point-to-point connection virtually through using dedicated connections (traffic encryption).

When a successful connection is established with the dedicated server, then the VPN cloaks your  original IP with that of chosen IP location and let you download torrents anonymously. Thus, by giving you complete IP cloaking and dedicated traffic encryption, you disappear online from the internet and your ISPs and other hackers becomes unable to track your internet activities or your original location.

Choosing an Anonymous Torrenting VPN

When it comes to choosing a VPN for anonymous download, every user has different need, some people wants VPN for bypassing restriction, some people use it for streaming and some rely on heavy downloading. Talking strictly about anonymous torrenting VPN, you must consider these crucial prerequisites for torrenting:

1 – Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed time amount. If you do anonymous torrenting, usually a heavy amount of bandwidth is required. You will probably end up consuming your bandwidth limit if your provider gives limited bandwidth support. Even if you have unlimited bandwidth plan, watch out for throttling (capping the bandwidth on user for heavy usage) from some VPN providers and always confirm throttling issue before purchase.

2 – Speed

Along with bandwidth you will require enough speed to satisfy your needs, it vary depending on your connection speed. You wouldn’t want a capped speed limit from a torrent VPN provider to wait for your torrents to finish your anonymous downloads! So always look for speed limits along with bandwidth, because both features go hand in hand.

3 – Simultaneous Connectivity

If you are on the move consistently and doesn’t want to leave your PC or laptop ON for downloading torrents, then you should look for simultaneous device logins, some of the best anonymous torrenting VPN providers support this function. Major torrent clients like bittorrent and utorrent provides the support of syncing your torrents on multiple devices so you could have seamless connectivity on the move.

What Are The Best VPN for Anonymous Torrenting?

When you search the internet for VPN, you will be overwhelmed with varieties of VPN for anonymous download over the web. Before you delve into the google search engine to find VPN yourself with hand on your face and eye-brows up, MostSecureVPN after thoroughly searching the internet has created a list of best torrent VPN according to their popularity among the people:

1 – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most common and widely used VPN among the population. Notable features include: Easy compatibility among devices, zero logging policy, simultaneous device logins, quick & reliable customer support, Automatic Kill Switch. Some might say it to be expensive but ExpressVPN justifies it with their actions of investing in premium 136+ dedicated servers in 87 countries, especially in China & Russia with strict rules.

2 – NordVPN

NordVPN boasts its popularity with the features they describe which is successful in attracting the public at large. They claim to provide double data encryption, No throttle, Tor over VPN server, apart from common features like provide zero log, multiple logins, customer support, automatic kill switch. They are available on 550+ server locations in 49+ countries.

3 – PureVPN

PureVPN knowing its tough competition, it provides extra add-ons service to its users to be different. Some of the notable add-ons are: Split tunneling (VPN & Original IP usage), Virtual router (virtual software based router to connect upto 10 devices), NAT firewall, dedicated secure browser, dedicated IP. They are available on 500+ server locations in 140 countries.

4 – Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access With their heavy presence of 3750+ servers in 77 countries, PIA being a popular choice for regular user base and trusted notable corporations. They provide all the services a user can expect from a VPN.

5 – HideMyAss

You all know HMA from old times. HMA now powered by AVG, claims to be the biggest consumer VPN network. They have 880+ dedicated servers in 210+ locations with 120000+ IPs spread across them.

Cheap VPN to download torrents anonymously


When searching for a VPN, you will come across free VPN and free proxy servers. They claim to provide security without any cost and is used by many users. But these free VPNs, are more prone to leaking your DNS servers (in concept it is your DNS server sends unencrypted queries outside these free VPN tunnels) exposing your true identity and data access details, plus, very slow anonymous download and surfing. On the other hand, when you use free proxy servers, not only they modify the scripting (mostly HTML & Javascripting) of the page you are visiting and inject it with adverts but they do not support HTTPs traffic. Instead of going towards a free VPN or free proxy server, you should grab the opportunity of choosing cheap VPN offers provided by popular VPN service providers to download torrents anonymously. MostSecureVPN has created a list of cheap VPNs for you to grab these opportunities:

Fastest Torrent VPN – Provider Speed Test Results:

When it comes to anonymous torrenting, the most important factor to consider is downloading and uploading speeds of the server you are using. We have listed the best VPNs after reviewing download/upload speed of top VPN providers which supports uncapped anonymous download.

Learn more about fastest VPN services provider:

1 – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN takes the lead when it comes to speed, with downloading speed (34.5 Mbps) and uploading speed of (32.4 Mbps). It provides blazing fast speeds with latency (ping time or response) of 8.32ms.

2 – NordVPN

NordVPN follows up on the speed test, with downloading speed (32.5 Mbps) and Uploading speed (28.4 Mbps).

3 – PureVPN

PureVPN follows up with downloading speed of (30.4 Mbps) and uploading speed of (28.5 Mbps) while latency of 4.16ms taking lead.

4 – Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access provides decent downloading speed of (29.2 Mbps) and uploading speed of (27.7 Mbps) on amazing latency of 3.33ms.

5 – HideMyAss

HMA gave downloading speed of (29.5 Mbps) and uploading speed of (25.4 Mbps) on speed test.

To know more about the results, read VPN reviews at our website for more insights.

Most Secure VPN For Anonymous Torrenting

While torrenting, secure connection is crucial to do anonymous download and prevent your ISPs from tracking you. To have fast downloading/uploading speeds with most secure connectivity. The most important factors to look for are protocols and encryption used. To put protocols in simple language:

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) – Does not require complex configuration, best for streaming and bypassing restriction when less security.

L2TP/IPSec (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol) – Provided with the delivery of services by your ISPs, it does not provide security itself but rely on the encryption protocol that it passes within the tunnel to ensure privacy. Suitable for creating a network within a business.

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) – Transfer traffic through SSL/TLS channel and strict in security. It is a suitable protocol for strict office environment.

OpenVPN – It is the most widely used protocol which provides strict security with the best streaming experience.

MostsecureVPN  have listed the features of most popular VPNs based on protocol & encryption they support:

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Most Secure VPN Services Provider 2016

1 – ExpressVPN

Protocols supported: OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols

Encryption: SSL secured 256-bit military grade encryption

2 – NordVPN

Protocols supported: OpenVPN on SSL, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec protocols

Encryption: SSL-based 256-bit encryption

3 – PureVPN

Protocols supported: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2

Encryption: SSL-based 256-bit encryption

4 – Private Internet Access

Protocols supported: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN

Encryption: SSL-based 256-bit encryption

Top 5 Torrenting Sites

here is the updated list of: kickass torrent alternatives

1 – The Pirate Bay

After so many controversies, TPB is still at the top of torrenting sites regaining its user strength and is the best choice after KickAss Torrents (KAT) closure.

2 – Extratorret

Gaining massive user base with torrent communities and popular release groups such as ETRG and ETTV, it has become the second largest torrent site as the website claim.

3 – ISO hunt

Facing controversies, the website has installed backup servers to remain alive. It has vast torrent library same as KAT. It is now moving towards communities to build and increase its userbase.

4 – Torrent Hound

TorrentHound once a major competitor to other torrent sites, seeping its roots to stand still, with its attractive secure & protected downloading you can enjoy TV shows and movies. But, watch out for old contents as you hardly will find seeders for it.

5 – RarBG

Newcomer in torrent sites, has gained popularity in top 10 sites of torrent. By its blocking in UK ISPs it has gained news for the user. You can find all the contents available as soon as they are uploaded.


On the major scale of mass blocks, anonymous torrenting is still the most popular way of sharing your digital media over the internet. Torrenting thrives on the VPN industry as it provides security and privacy a user needs. Choose the best anonymous torrenting VPN to download torrents anonymously, suitable to you and have secure and happy anonymous torrenting!