7 Unfortunate Realities of Using Free VPN Services

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Some things are just too good to be true. The same thing applies to VPN services, which can seem like quite the deal. They might promise all the same things of giving you the privacy to surf the web freely while accessing different locations. However, all too many of these can just forsake your online privacy and security at risk.

Here are some of the unfortunate realities and possibilities that come with using a free VPN service:

1) Malware Infection

Free VPNs have the reputation of bringing malware and viruses, which can cause much more damage to your PC than using the free VPN service itself. The only way to keep this from happening is to beware of free VPNs that offer free ad-supported versions of their services and to stick to paid services.

2) Failed Blocking Features

Free VPNs just don’t have the strongest blocking features. This means that they have a limited number of servers to block. To save on costs, they use low-end servers that use lower bandwidth and can be easily identified by traffic monitoring. Getting paid services ensures that you have those features that you desire.

3) Embedded Tracking

A free VPN service can include embedded tracking tags, which can track your online activity. This includes monitoring your surfing habits, search history, and other activities. It can then be used to target you with ads that follow you around the web, which can breach your security. Private VPNs would be much better.

4) Slowed Internet Connection

Free VPNs can slow down your internet connection instead of speeding it up. To make up for the shortcomings of using the free VPN service, the proxy adds advertisements to create additional income. These advertisements can then be very intrusive and interfere with your internet’s power and your regular online surfing.

5) Increase in Pop-Up Ads

One of the biggest issues with free VPN services is that they need to make considerably more money to keep their operations running. Therefore, some of them will try to get ad revenue from you to stay up and run. It can be quite annoying to keep pressing exit on multiple pop-up ads, especially for more spam-like material.

6) Redirection to Sites

Most free VPNs are not actually free at all. To get around having to pay for their services, free VPNs will have their users go through a few ads to get their point across and redirect you to all sorts of websites. These ads for other services can then be harmful to your computer, so using a paid service is so much better.

7) Hidden Data Collection

There is a high chance that free VPNs can collect your data and sell it to third parties. This option is the main source of income for free VPNs. They can then sell your personal information without your permission. When you sign up for a paid service, you are assured that your data is just safe with them.


Sadly, free VPN services are not the best option out there. They are not only over-marketed but can also compromise your privacy and security. Using a private VPN that offers you top-notch features is better to stay secure and private on the web.

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